Deepspot – The deepest pool in Europe

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 8th February 2024
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK (58)blog copia
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK (10)blog
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK (14)blog
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK (16)blog
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK (7) blog

They say Warsaw is the most beautiful in December, when the Christmas and New Year atmosphere engulfs it. We had the opportunity to witness that ourselves, however, the main goal of our trip was to visit the renowned Deepspot, the deepest pool in Europe.

Located only 45 minutes by car from the Polish capital, it was built in a part of the city which is rich in thermal waters which are used to fill and heat the pool.

It is located in a modern building with glass walls where you can relax and enjoy dive activities. It is very warm inside and the pool is ideal for scuba divers, technical divers and freedivers.

The deepest point of the pool is 45m, and the water temperature ranges from 32 to 34°C. The deeper, the warmer.

The pool holds 8,000 cubic meters of perfectly transparent water.

All of the equipment used at the pool is Mares, both for freediving and scuba diving.

Several different zones with different purposes will definitely suit everyone's needs. The shallowest zone allows divers to don equipment easily in the water and is a comfortable space for dive training, where they can master basic diving skills. The next level features simulated cave spaces. If you go a little deeper, you will find a sunken boat, and at 20m the entrance to the deepest part begins, descending to a depth of 45m. Freediving ropes are placed at various depths. The general impression is that this is a true diving playground, created for training, education and fun.

It is very interesting that on site there is a restaurant, conference rooms and accommodation, with windows below the surface of the water, looking into the pool.

In any case, Deepspot is a place worth a mention on the world’s diving map and definitely worth returning to!

Photos and text: Janez Kranjc

Model: Ivana OK

Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 8th February 2024
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