Liveaboard must-haves!

by   Profile Mares   When 7th September 2023
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Have you ever been on a liveaboard dive trip? Check out our top-tips for liveaboard holiday must-haves!

Lightweight travel items - Many boats depart from remote destinations and require flights with strict weight limits.

Mares recommends: the Cruise Backpack Roller suitcase, the Magellan BCD and X-Stream fins.

You will see marine life you’ve never seen before! Make sure you can get your buddy’s attention as well as the perfect picture!

Mares recommends: A Magnetic Shaker and an EOS 10 LRW – Video Set.

Spares - Liveaboard boats can usually provide the gear you need, but it’s a good idea to bring any extras you have space for.

Mares recommends: A spare mask, an extra dive computer battery and Silicone Grease.

Signalling gear in case of emergency.

Mares recommends: the EOS Strobe, a Marker Beam and a Dive Marker Buoy – All in One.

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Written by
Profile Mares
When 7th September 2023
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