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by   Profile Mares   When 2nd February 2022
Photo by Virginia Salzedo with Paolo Acanti

The Spyder mask by Mares is a redesigned masterpiece, fashioned after the popular Tana mask. The Spyder maintains the Tana’s perfectly fitting, comfortable silicone skirt, bi-lens design, and low volume while increasing the field of vision with a broader lens and new, modern look. With a soft, net-like rubber nose bridge, the mask’s frame offers a secure grip for positioning the mask on the face and clearing it underwater.

Skirt design is not something most divers consider; however, the Sypder mask brings the evolution of skirt design to a new level. Grooves with a unique hydrodynamic shape reduce drag while in the water. Unique side gussets and an embossed grip at the nose facilitate easier equalizing. The silicone on the skirt even features the Mares logo printed directly on it.

A well-fitting and comfortable mask, the Spyder also has enhanced visibility. Even though it is a low-volume mask, the size and angle of the lens frame allows for a high degree of vision. The Sypder is also an excellent fitting mask for those with wider faces.

The Spyder mask features the Mares buckle system on the skirt, allowing divers to enjoy fixing their mask strap quickly and single-handedly. The Spyder mask is everything a diver could ask for all rolled up into one. With a custom fit and comfortable design, the Spyder mask by Mares offers it all.

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Profile Mares
When 2nd February 2022
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