SXS 62X – One of the most versatile, low-profile regulators on the market!

by   Profile Mares   When 12th April 2022
Predrag Vuckovic / Mares
Predrag Vuckovic / Mares
Predrag Vuckovic / Mares
Predrag Vuckovic / Mares
62X SXS 02
Predrag Vuckovic / Mares

Mares is excited to present the SXS 62X!

SXS stands for Second eXtra Small and joins the Mares regulator line-up as one of the most compact second stages on the market. Not only is the second stage extremely lightweight, but the compact 62X first stage makes this regulator combination perfect for the traveling diver. The SXS's compact size is not only good for dive travel; divers who enjoy cave and wreck penetration are also looking for the most streamlined equipment!

This versatile regulator is suitable for all diving configurations, making it an excellent choice for sidemount diving. With a couple of simple adjustments, the user can easily change this regulator's configuration from the right to left side on their own. We even printed the embossed SXS logo on both sides of the second stage to promote this dual configuration.

Breathing from the SXS 62X is a breeze thanks to the 90-degree design of the curved bypass and its increased diameter. This unique feature, combined with Mares' patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD), offers divers comfortable airflow at any depth. Mares has also designed a new deflector to optimize the Venturi effect and reduce free flow risk while promoting smoother inhalation effort to depths greater than 100m. And that is not all! We added an extended exhaust tube to the SXS second stage to allow for its extremely compact design. Bubbles can now move away from the diver instead of being exhaled directly in front of the diver's eyes.

We chose to pair all of these fantastic second stage features with the tried-and-true 62X first stage, creating one of the industry's most durable, lightweight regulators. The compact 62X boasts all of Mares' innovative regulator features like Auto Sealing Technology (AST), a pneumatic dry system to protect against water entering the first stage and natural DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) which guarantees elevated, consistent air flow at any depth.

The SXS is also available as an octopus. Its slim, compact shape allows the octopus to fit into a BCD pocket easily.

The Mares SXS 62X combined with the SXS Octopus offer the ultimate in compact design, versatile configuration and outstanding performance!

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Profile Mares
When 12th April 2022
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