Davide Lombroso wins his 5th Italian Underwater Photography title!

by   Profile Mares   When 16th October 2019
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Davide's winning photos
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Davide's winning photos
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Davide's winning photos
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Davide's winning photos
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Davide Lombroso

Incredible performances from the underwater photographers of Team Mares continue! Davide Lombroso of CI CA SUB Seatram in Bogliasco, Italy – Team Mares – after already taking 4th place at the Italian Underwater Safari Championships in Sestri Levante a few days before, on Saturday the 12th of October won first place in the waters off the Island of Elba (Portoferraio) in the FIPSAS Italian Underwater Photography Championships 2019.

The historic result from the only Ligurian in the competition was the sum of classifications in 4 specialties: Fish, Macro, Themed and Wide. Lombroso, thanks to incredible productivity, his command of photographic technique and diving, and his creativity, with 78.9 points, was clearly ahead of the other strong competitors. The champion of Bogliasco, leader of Team Fotosub Mares, also won the overall Italian title in the Safari Fotosub FIPSAS specialty last year.

Here our exclusive interview...


G.R: When did you start underwater photography?

D.L: I started in 1988 on holiday in the Maldives.


G.R: What attracted you to underwater photography?

D.L: A passion for photography, which I already had.


G.R: What level of dive certification do you have?

D.L: Professional certification, FIPSAS instructor, PADI instructor.


G.R: When did you sign up to the CI CA SUB Seatram in Bogliasco?

D.L: In 2000, when it was called CI CA SUB Mares!


G.R: How many Italian titles have you won?

D.L: 4 individual titles in Underwater Photography Safari in 1997-1999-2000-2018, 1 individual title in Underwater Photography in 2019.


G.R: What dive gear do you use?

D.L: A Flexa Therm wetsuit, the Silver Knight Single Backmount set, Abyss 22 Navy II regulator, X-Vision mask and Power Plana fins.


G.R: And your underwater photography gear?

D.L: A Nikon D500 camera, Nikon lenses, Isotta case and Isotta RED64 flash.


G.R: Do you have any advice for those who want to get into underwater photography and those who want to WIN?

D.L:  Firstly, you need to have fun and respect the sea, and then you obviously need to work hard, study a lot, stay updated regarding new techniques and use equipment that offers maximum reliability.


By Gianni Risso - 15/10/19

Written by
Profile Mares
When 16th October 2019
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