The EOS 10R – Power in a small package

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 6th August 2019
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The EOS 10R is the most compact, handy torch made by Mares and, thanks to all its features, it can be considered the ideal back-up torch.

The torch is a cylinder - 2.5cm in diameter and 15.5cm in length – made in sturdy, burnished, anodized aluminum. It emits 1000 lumens at full power with its Cree XM-L2 LED.

Because of its small shape and size, it can easily be stored in the pocket of your BCD or dry suit as a back-up torch. When I use a continuous harness wing, I personally find the EOS 10R ideal for positioning under the arm, in perfect DIR style, secured to one of the chest D-rings and inserted in an elastic bungee along the harness. Alternatively, I store it in the zip pocket of my dry suit so it doesn’t take up space in the main compartment.

The EOS 10R fits in perfectly with Mares XR gear, as it’s guaranteed down to 100 metres, great for the most traditional tec divers. The torch is available in the standard 12° beam version, which penetrates deeply, and in the EOS 10RW - Wide - 120° beam version. Both models offer two luminous intensities; 1000 lumens with a battery life of 90 minutes and 500 lumens with a battery life of 150 minutes, plus a third flash / SOS mode.

Another significant component of this model is the power button which is very appropriately housed in an indentation in the body of the torch, perfectly aligned with the smooth exterior, making it ergonomic but above all safe, as it avoids it becoming dangerously hooked to anything. The button has been calibrated with a resistance that prevents it from accidentally being activated; it will only react to intentional pressure applied by the diver. At the base of the button, the noticeable LED changes color from green to orange and then finally to red to visually inform the diver of the battery’s status.

The li-ion battery, accessible by unscrewing the bottom of the torch, can easily be recharged using a micro USB cable that can be connected directly to a socket with a 5V adapter, or to a PC. The LED continues to work; changing from red to green, informing you when the battery is fully charged.

The EOS 10R is sold in a practical padded case and, thanks to the torch only weighing 190 grams in total with the battery inserted, it is ideal for those who have to consider weight when traveling, without having to sacrifice quality and efficiency.

Although I propose it as a secondary torch given the small size and availability of more powerful models in the Mares EOS line, the 10R could still be considered as a first torch. A diver who has recently started their diving journey could purchase it, for example. It is the perfect torch if you need to have a light source but don’t want to start with anything too expensive or bulky, let's not forget that a few years ago, 1000 lumens represented a power that was more than adequate for a primary torch.

Overall, it’s the perfect compromise between size, weight and power. Once the Mares EOS 10R torch is in your hands and turned on; it will immediately make you aware of what we’re talking about!

Text: Alessio Tenenti

Photos: Janez Kranjc


Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 6th August 2019
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