Spots in the Ocean

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 13th August 2019
1Photo by Ivana OK (Large)
2Photo by Janez Kranjc (Large)
7Photo by Janez Kranjc (Large)
9Photo by Janez Kranjc (Large)

Palm trees, crystal clear water, white sand…the Maldives.

Reethi Faru Resort, a hidden ocean paradise.

This time, our host was Sea Explorer diving center. From the first moment, it was clear that it would be a great cooperation with the Swiss owners Patrick and Robert. What was agreed, was done. No left or right, just straight. Every diving location had something unique to attract divers. I was completely speechless. Although our visit was during the monsoon season, a few days of low visibility and waves couldn’t spoil the beauty of the dive sites.

This center has more than 50 diving locations to offer, so it is impossible to visit them all during one excursion. It is as if nature has played with this part of the blue planet. On one reef, you can see 20 turtles, on the other, numerous sharks and mantas, while the third is covered with more than 2,000 anemones! Moray eels, huge lobsters, nurse sharks resting in caverns, rays, napoleons, jack fish, bet fish, clown fish and schools and schools of various fish surround you all the time – an underwater aquarium which leaves you in danger of becoming cross-eyed as each eye tries to get the complete picture. It is crazy, or better, a true underwater party!

Workers in the diving center are instructors from all over the world. They are very kind, professional and hard working. The water sports center is located just next to the diving center, where you can fill your stay with even more adventures. What would you say to the company of 100 dolphins, riding a ski jet, parasailing, scuba bobbing, and more? In the evening, relax time starts. You can walk on the beautiful white sand beaches or try the various delicious foods this center has to offer. The beach bungalow? Ahh…where to start? The bathroom with the cabin under the clear sky, fenced and elegant. Spacious, luxury apartments with a porch view down to your sunbed under a palm tree on the beach.

Writing for over an hour still wouldn’t be enough to completely describe the beauty of this place therefore, I will stop now. Instead, I invite you to join us in November, because we are going back!

P.s. It is a paradise for divers, but also for non-divers. Are you coming?

Written by Ivana O.K.

Photos by Janez Kranjc and Ivana OK

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Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 13th August 2019
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