Ever tried sea-aged wine? Sispirit and Sub Genova are ready to introduce you to it!

by   Profile Mares   When 4th December 2020
Diver Daniele Riviecco with retrieved bottles of wine
Paolo Cappucciati and his son Cosimo
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Ever tried sea-aged wine? Two years ago, our friends at SiSpirit and Sub Genova began their interesting project, setting 1,000 bottles of spumante and red wine on the sea bed in a protected marine area near the island of Bergeggi, Italy.

The project began with Cristina Cornara and Daniele Riviecco, a professional diver. They were joined by Gianni and Sara Pardini and SiSpirit was born. The combined expertise of the team led to the idea of enhancing an already great wine from the wonderful hills of Cristina’s native Ricaldone, found in the region of Piedmont, Italy, by maturing it underwater in the perfect conditions.

Selected bottles typically spend 8 months underwater at 40m, in a location chosen for its good currents, an ideal temperature of around 14°C and soft light.

Thanks go to Paolo Cappucciati, a pioneer of Italian scuba diving, whose experience and knowledge of Bergeggi was a determining factor in choosing exactly where to place the bottles of wine, which he also monitored.

Here a video of the Sub Genova team during the first phase of the project...

Photographer and videographer: Lorenzo Refrigeri

Discover more at www.sispirit.net

Written by
Profile Mares
When 4th December 2020
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Billy Engelbrecht on Jun 07th 2022
My question is did they have ones on surface to compare it with? Was there a big taste difference?
Giovanni Cuomo Ulloa on Dec 08th 2020
Bellissimo. Complimenti!

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