My experience diving with the Flexa wetsuit!

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 1st January 2019
Photo by Ivana OK (56)model Tamara Popisailovic (Large)
Photo by Janez Kranjc (42)model Tamara Popisailovic (Large)
Photo by Ivana OK (52)model Tamara Popisailovic (Large)
Photo by Janez Kranjc (44)model Tamara Popisailovic (Large)

Diving has become my obsession and great passion! Five years ago, when I first touched the underwater world, I knew that I would use every possible opportunity to dive and let myself get lost in the blue. The nature of my work allows me a lot of flexibility, so I quickly began to intensify my travelling around the globe, mainly to dive.

At the very beginning, I did not care what diving equipment I used, because, as with any newcomer, it was only important for me to dive and acquire diving experience. By gaining this experience, I slowly realized that it is nevertheless important to use quality equipment that can be adapted to the conditions of the waters you dive in.

A few months ago, I got a call from my diving instructor Ivana Orlović Kranjc, with whom I made my first 'diving steps', to join a diving trip to Aqaba, Jordan. Knowing that the Red Sea is warm, and that a water temperature of 25°C was expected during the period of our trip, I asked Ivana to recommend a suit that would be adequate for the conditions. As a Mares Ambassador, she recommended the Flexa 3.2.2 wetsuit. Considering that she personally uses it, I did not have many doubts, I knew it would be an excellent choice and I immediately ordered one for myself.

There are no words to describe just how amazing the trip to Jordan was. It was simply unforgettable, and the Mares Flexa suit made a great contribution to my overall enjoyment of the trip.

As a first impression, the Ultrastretch material guarantees easy donning, convenience and extreme comfort. For the first time I didn't feel like I had a diving suit on. Trilastic material allows the suit to move and stretch so you are unrestricted in the water, and it has an ergonomically shaped neoprene cushion between the back and tank ares for support, improved comfort and extra warmth in a zone that is usually sensitive to cold. Varied thicknesses are strategically placed in different areas of the body and a very soft inner layer in the chest area keeps the upper part of the body warm. The Thermo Plush is durable and dries quickly.

I would also like to highlight two more details that are very practical: the first is a front zip with a smooth neoprene flap for greater comfort and isolation, and the other one is an integrated buckle on the leg, suitable for attaching the dedicated Flexa Smart Pocket, which is very spacious, and can also be used for attaching additional equipment.

I must admit that I am very satisfied with the Mares Flexa wetsuit. It protects the entire body from scratches, provides flexibility and complete comfort underwater, and the white elements in the design itself make it very aesthetically pleasing, which is also very important.

I give my warm recommendations!

Text by Tamara Popisailovic

Photos by Ivana O.K. & Janez Kranjc

Available Flexa models:

Flexa 8.6.5 Man - Flexa 8.6.5 She Dives

Flexa 5.4.3 Man - Flexa 5.4.3 She Dives

Flexa 3.2.2 Man - Flexa 3.2.2 She Dives

Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 1st January 2019
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