The greatest ocean safari on the planet!

by   Profile Morne Hardenberg   When 19th October 2016

Every year, over the months of June/July, we spend 40 days on South Africa's "Wild Coast" waiting for the mass migration of sardines which moves up the east coast following a cold water current. Mega marine life like dolphins, whales, sharks, birds and various game fish also make their way here to take advantage of the feeding opportunities. Over the last 5 years, the sardine numbers migrating North East have decreased, causing predators to start feeding on other pelagic bait fish like red eye, mackerel, anchovy etc.

2016 was a epic year and we had incredible underwater encounters from big bait balls with good action to a Southern Right whale mother and her new born calve! We documented hundreds of sharks, thousands of dolphins, Brydes whales, Sail fish, seals and birds feeding on bait balls. One of the most unique encounters was with giant Mantas which we have seen more and more of each year. We are actively involved with a giant Manta research project in the area lead by Dr. Andrea Marshall and we managed to Satellite tag 2 of these gentle giants! The data will be the first of its kind and the study will continue next season.

If you have been on the run you will know how tough it is, the elements can be unforgiving at times, exposing us to rough seas, cold winds and dangerous launches! Sitting on a boat all day in your wetsuit for 40 days is no walk in the park. Your choice of equipment is very important and I thought I would share my choice with you. Personally I do a lot of freediving and the Squadra 5.5mm Open Cell suit is my prime choice because of it's high level of comfort while keeping you warm in some cold conditions.

As for getting to the action first, it's a no brainer and I can only recommend the Razor Carbon fins which are by far the best carbons I have used.

Take a look at our video of this year's sardine run here!

Written by
Profile Morne Hardenberg
When 19th October 2016
Location Second Beach Rd, Port St Johns, 5120, South Africa

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