Guinness World Record attempt from Marina Kazankova!

by   Profile Mares   When 17th December 2018
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Mares ambassador Marina Kazankova and Dmitrijs Malasenko will be attempting a world record at the Y-40 pool on the 29th December 2018. This attempt is part of Marina's quest to break one world record per year! Here she explains the project:

Why do I do one Guinness World Record attempt per year?

Since I was a little kid, I have always loved inner and outer harmony! I work as an actress, which allows me the perfect way to experience living different lives and transmitting feelings and emotions to the audience. My passion is freediving... where inner peace connects with constant training and we find harmony and perfection in the performance!

Being a World Champion means having the responsibility of inspiring people to live their lives fully and to be happy and healthy! That’s what I am doing with my Psychological Preparation workshops around the world and Guinness World Records. I want to show people that our dreams come true if we are courageous enough to dream and to go for the realization of our dreams! Because of this, I have been trying to break one Guinness World Record per year since 2016.

My first Guinness World Record was the world’s longest underwater swim in open waters on one breath in Bonaire. In 2017, the longest underwater walk on one breath in the Dubai Mall aquarium, surrounded by sharks at the depth of 12m.

You can see these records on my YouTube Channel.

My 2018 Guinness World Record attempt combines freediving and dancing! It will be a beautiful performance of the longest underwater dance by a couple in the world! Performed by Marina Kazankova and Dmitrijs Malasenko. Music, costumes and choreography will transform this record in to a fairytale.

The music was written especially for the record by the extremely talented Omura.

When: 29.12.18

Where: Y-40 - The deepest pool in the world

Come see us at Y-40 or watch the live stream on Instagram and Facebook

Do you like Guinness World Records? Have you ever thought about making one? What Guinness World Record attempt do you suggest me trying in 2019? I would love to read about it in the comments!


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Written by
Profile Mares
When 17th December 2018
Location Y-40 The Deep Joy, Via Cataio, Montegrotto Terme, Province of Padua, Italy

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hotmovs on Nov 06th 2019
Un’emozione unica ha unito la danza e l’apnea, lo show e il record. Gli spettatori erano ovunque: in acqua, sott’acqua, nel tunnel vetrato, a guardare nelle finestre. Per rendere lo spettacolo ancora piu scenico Marina e Dmitriy hanno ballato sulla cima in profondita di 4 metri, mantenendo l’equilibrio per non cadere nella parte piu fonda della piscina di di profondita.

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