Introducing Delos! A world cruising sailboat! (Part 2)

by   Profile SV Delos   When 12th July 2016
SV Delos! Our home :)
Current crew of SV Delos in the Indian Ocean.
Descending directly below Delos to an amazing wreck dive in Solomon Islands, South Pacific.
Epic diving in the Philipines.
Before and after sailing!

(Read part 1 here)

For Brian and his partner, the moment of reality came in 2008.  The research on boats, planning, and saving money had led them to purchase a beautiful Amel sailboat, a 53 foot ketch named Delos.  An amazing blue water cruising boat that could spend months on end at a tropical island without provisions or fuel.  Brian and his partner left Seattle on August 2009 and headed south towards warm water and white beaches!  Brian finally felt the freedom and adventure he had craved; life had a deep and meaningful purpose and it was to be happy, travel, meet new friends and experience life.  Delos made her way down the coast of California, where Brian became a certified diver, and into the tropical waters off Mexico.  This is where they would wait for the right season to cross the Pacific Ocean.

“Hey bro, do you wanna take some time off school and help sail Delos to French Polynesia?”  Brian said to me as he handed me a rum and coke. It was Chirstmas of 2009 and I flew to Mexico to sail, dive and chill for a few weeks while on break from University.  We were sitting in the cockpit of Delos. Anchored in crystal clear water as the sun was setting over the massive expanse of ocean to the East. French Polynesia lay over 3,000 miles from our anchorage and there was nothing between us but beautiful, scary, empowering, intimidating Open Ocean.  I’m sure you can guess my reaction.  “I’m in bro! Do you know the crazy amount of dives in that part of the world?  They are in diving magazines all the time” We spent the next few hours talking about magical far away islands with white beaches, healthy coral, fish life, good visibility and of course nobody but us anchored there.  I left Delos a few days later and returned back to Orlando, Florida with a mission. Work, save money, and sell anything that wasn’t useful in my life and get ready for a sailing adventure that would take us to some of the most magical and remote dive spots in the world. Places that had inspired me to learn diving in the first place.

Once I got home the time flew by. I would sit up late at night after spending hours at school followed by hours working at a local bar, researching the foreign places we were about to sail to. My precious study time went from focusing on differential equations and microbiology to learning about the Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Rangiroa, and the Cook Islands. The passage was supposed to take us 3-4 weeks so I planned on taking 2 months off school. Just enough time to not only enjoy the sail but enjoy the destinations.  In March of 2010, I loaded up my bags with all the dive gear I had, my surfboard and a bag of assorted board shorts and Tee shirts.  I didn’t know it at the time but I wouldn’t be back home for over 8 months.

The sail was life changing. The peace, the calm, the rough and the windy all came and went.  We caught our own fish and read many books.  I knew then that I had found my University.  I wanted nothing more than to sail, explore, dive and learn about the world from the world.  Good thing I took out those extra student loans because they really came in handy once my savings had run out. Isn’t something like this exactly what student loans are for?  To further your education and become a better person in hopes that you can give back to society as a whole someday.  This trip definitely ticked all of the boxes that any university course could have.

Well, It has been 6 years since I left home and Brian and I are still aboard Delos sailing, diving, living, loving and laughing our way around the world.  Within the first year Brian and his partner went their separate ways just as life had planned for them.  Brian then met the love of his life, a beautiful Swedish girl named Karin who has been on Delos for 5 years now.  I have also gone through a relationship with a wonderful soul named Josje who was onboard for 4 years before we decided we had grown together enough and it was time to explore the world apart.   We’ve had over 30 different friends sail on Delos over the years and we’ve run out of money countless times and had to work in many different countries to continue our voyage as dirty sailors.  We’ve worked on super yachts, worked in restaurants, bar tended, wrote code and even rolled burritos to make ends meet.

From the beginning, we wrote blogs about every part of our journey!  Family, friends and strangers from all over the world have been a part of our blog and have followed along for years.  As time went on, our passion for writing blogs turned to filming our adventures as we sailed to random places on the map.  We thought this would be a great way to show our family and friends what we were up to.  Plus what a cool thing to be able to look back 20 years from now and see ourselves at this age.  Being able to relive all the crazy things we’ve done will be amazing when we grow old. After editing a few episodes we started to realize that other people enjoyed watching just as much as we enjoy making the videos and sharing them with the world.  We started a YouTube Channel where you can see all our episodes from the past years sailing and diving through the South Pacific, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and the Indian Ocean. We also have a Patreon account that has really made this project possible.  The organic growth of these two has been incredible and has enabled us to continue our journey full time!  Thanks to the amazing people around the world, who we lovingly refer to as the Delos Tribe, we can sail, film, edit and share this amazing world without having to stop for “work”.

We are stoked to be part of the Mares family and look forward to posting stories about our past 6 years of adventure underwater here.

You can also follow the journey of SV Delos and her crew at,FacebookYouTube.

Much Love and welcome to the Delos Tribe!!

Written by
Profile SV Delos
When 12th July 2016
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ปั้มไลค์ on May 21st 2020
Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.
Grant on Aug 20th 2017
SV Delos, you have inspired me to work towards the same lifestyle and I am already actively pursuing the same dreams you have achieved. I am a former Sailor with the US Navy, I live in Japan and am rallying my Navy friends to purchase a 52 footer. Which license do you have? ASA or ICC? We wish to become your sister boat and possibly sail with you on your travels, after all, if there is trouble, we could assist eachother! Lol You guys have given me a great me great inspiration. Thank you and the crew of Delos from the bottom of my heart!
Albert Stahl on Aug 15th 2016
Really great reading you Brady. Background and on the effort and work you two put in to realizing your dream is an inspiration. Have seen all your videos over the last few months and can only say now, I know what I want and I'll have it, whatever time it takes... Cheers and fair winds from Belgium !
samj.nicolas on Aug 15th 2016
SV Delos your awesome, been following your show more 2 years +. Admiring the show really, like patiently waiting for it every Friday. It's more like waiting for the next episode in HBO, lucky its not by season which you really have to wait for next year to come. It's good that you share your experience, and someday SV Delos will make history, meeting different people, culture, food, best beaches with the whites pure cool sand to roll on, Marine Life, the Ocean, and the Sun & Stars to look forward. I already share SV Delos to my son Ken, and he adores Delos, and its spreading through friends. Do the explore like Jacques Cousteau, wishing someday will be sailing in SV Delos. all the best SV Delos. God Bless . . .
samj.nicolas on Aug 15th 2016
SV Delos your really awesome, been following your shows every week. Patiently waiting every week. I even got my son hooked up on your shows, and it spreads to everyone. One day SV Delos will make history, all about nature, best beaches, marine life, the Sun & Stars. Keep it up, someday we will see Delos riding one. God Bless . . .
Dave Boyd on Aug 15th 2016
Very inspiring blog Brady. Great to see what you guys are up to. Keep living the dream. All the best from New Zealand!!
Sandi Trundle on Aug 14th 2016
Been following y'all for a long time now and was happy to join the Delos tribe when the opportunity arrived. Amazing how much you have changed and grown. Fair weather and following seas. Happy sailing!
Alain carle on Aug 14th 2016
That is Life for sure. I am planning a WorldTour but i Still need to convince my wife but your adventure is helping me. Almost done. Freedom is priceless.Take care. Alain a big fan.
Barry George on Aug 14th 2016
After finding your channel by accident. I've watched all of your videos and you guys have got me in a sailing mood again. I am building my own sailboat for the Delaware river/bay and the ICW. At least I can explore the east coast. Just wanted you to know you can change anyone at any age. You changed this 53 year old retired vet. Good sailing.
Renee Mineart on Aug 14th 2016
You guys have to stop this! I mean, enough is enough already. I can't read any of your blogs or watch any of your videos without this overpowering desire rise up from deep within, calling me to the sea. As I was reading part one of this story, I realised my hands were starting to shake with the desire! Right now, I'm working my way through those years of learning to sail and redirecting my life from a 9-5'er to a 'living the dream'er'. Your videos really keep me going, and I love every minute of them. Fair winds my friends, hope to meet you on a white beach one day.
Bill on Aug 14th 2016
Didn't we meet you guys in Marina Hemmingway in April 2016?
Franz on Aug 14th 2016
Hey I thought the sea of Cortez was enough fish and adventures for any gringo but you guys went for the 7 seas. .....crrazy
Samuel Clarke on Aug 14th 2016
Fantastic post! Discovered Delos a couple of weeks ago and have since watched episode 1 to the current one...we have done a lot of land based overland travel, but you guys have inspired us to sail one day when the kids are old enough to safely live aboard a boat. Thanks so much for sharing and great partnership with Mares!
Scott on Aug 14th 2016
I starting watching your videos on YouTube a sevaral years ago, about the same time I had decided on a circumnavigation as my retirement. I will have to wait a few more years to retire, until my children get to 18, but then, I should be able to use your videos in much the same way that ancient mariners used used the logs of those who went before them. Keep it up!
Jim Hall on Aug 07th 2016
I recently found your videos and have enjoyed watching your travels around the oceans! Many highs and a few lows, but that's how life goes I guess. I was lucky to sail with my family years ago around Long Island, but never the real blue water sailing that you are doing. I have sent you some beer money - please have a cold one or two for me on some nice white sandy secluded beach!! From a 50yr old Salty Pirate at Heart!
Mike McHale on Jul 28th 2016
Sending love from San Pedro California have been following your adventures for over a year now and I'm looking forward to the new season of your videos, I sent you some beer money a while ago and I hope you got it. Knowing that I will never sell the ocean like you guys and gals I can experience your adventures in my minds eye, thank you DELOS crew!
Anne Marie/Jimmy on Jul 27th 2016
Wonderful read, thanks Brady a lot. A rollercoaster of emotions reading this. We have followed the Delos story for the last 4 months and has fueled our dreams as well to untie the lines and sail to the unknown. Sorry to hear about Josje..really liked her but understand how you wrote it. Your story along with your brother and Delos tribe have been an inspiration and a reminder to listen to that inner voice for what" life"can be. Many thanks for sharing your time with us.
Chris McEvoy on Jul 27th 2016
Awesome Blog :)
Garland barney on Jul 26th 2016
As I sit here at work reading your blogs I am filled with excitement and butterflies. Slowly I am collecting and picking away at items and check lists needed to one day pursue these adventures. I bough my 51 foot ketch "Te Ata" which never sailed yet and is saving and working to get her sea worthy. Pouring over every square inch and learning all I can about her. Soon I'll fulfil these aching feelings with open oceans and breezes on the cheek and in her sails. Although very Scary and terrified to let lines go but I know one day it's my destiny. I feel it in my bones. Someday we may cross paths. Cheers from work in northern Ontario Canada and soon home to Shediac New Brunswick to continue my work on Te Ata. Another day closer Cheers Garlandbarney
Dave Meassick on Jul 26th 2016
Enjoying your adventures, and looking forward to new ones. Fair winds and following seas. The nice thing about living aboard a sail boat, in the time of climate change, is, sail boats float. (Rising tides lift all boats.)
Courtney Gorman on Jul 26th 2016
Right on!!
SF Bay Area on Jul 26th 2016
Love vicariously being on your round-the-world sail through your YouTube videos! The high-def quality is now outstanding, and I especially like the voice-overs as different crew members edit their own episodes of life on Delos. Happy to be one of your $2/video Patreon crowdfunders. Keep bringing us to cool places. Are you planning to visit the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas?
Yme Carsana on Jul 02nd 2016
Wow ! That's Life !

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