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by   Profile Michael   When 4th September 2019

Hi all,

I am so stoked and honored to be a new Mares Ambassador! To be part of such a talented, unique group of dive professionals is just mind blowing. I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting you all at some point down the line...

Today I'm stoked and busy preparing cameras and dive gear for our Guadalupe Island White Shark Expeditions from September 5th through to November 16th. Each trip is six days on a liveaboard.

I have been leading these trips, taking small groups together with One Ocean Diving, for the past thirteen years. Our trips are not only to meet and swim with the Great White, but to offer underwater cinema and photography instructions to divers who are interested in improving their action shot skills. They also involve presentations and sharing information about these majestic predators that many individuals have put together over the past fifteen years.

I hope to be sharing our videos, photos and stories down the line in a few weeks!

Mike Bolton

Written by
Profile Michael
When 4th September 2019
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