Freediving – Marjan Radovic photographs Tijana Nikolic

by   Profile Marjan Radovic   When 4th September 2019

Freediving is an activity as old as humanity itself. More than any other sport, freediving is based on subconscious reflexes written in the human genome.

For the first 9 months of life, humans exist in an aquatic environment very similar to seawater. If a child is submerged underwater, they instinctively hold their breath for up to 40 seconds while swimming, and they appear to lose that ability as soon as they walk.

Awakening these reflexes is one of the most important elements for a breathtaking dive, thus enhancing people's ability to protect themselves at great depths.

Besides the limits of breath-holding, immersion in water and exposure to high ambient pressure also have physiological effects that limit the depths and duration possible in freediving.

I have had a love of diving for as long as I can remember. I equally enjoy SCUBA diving and Freediving.

As a Mares Ambassador and a professional photographer, I often photograph under the sea. The pleasure is certainly enhanced by the comfortable, adequate equipment that I use from Mares.

The photos I take of divers on a single breath have a special power in my opinion. They show relaxation, strength and spirit ...

Attached are photographs takeĀ  taken during a training session in Trogir, Croatia, with Serbian national team member Tijana Nikolic, also part of the Mares Ambassador team.

Tijana was born on March 21st, 1986 and has been competing in freediving events regularly since 2009. She is a competitive freediver who fell in love with freediving from the moment she first tried using a monofin.

Freediving competitions are extremely challenging and explore the limits of the human body. Tijana has great potential, her performances are impeccable and she works hard with a great passion for the sport.

Written by
Profile Marjan Radovic
When 4th September 2019
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