Marjan Radovic

Marjan Radovic

Marjan Radovic is a professional photographer and a scuba diving and underwater photography instructor with several associations, like Scuba Schools International – SSI. He is also a snowboard instructor and martial arts instructor. Combining his passion for photography and diving, Marjan tries to show a different and unique view of underwater photography. He is always looking for new and original ways to exhibit his photos and has had 120 individual exhibitions and around 100 group exhibitions. Marjan’s photos have been published in almost all magazines regarding the sea, and photos of sports and action projects have been included in almost all daily newspapers and some lifestyle magazines. His talent has been recognized at numerous competitions and he holds a great number of awards. Since 2006, Marjan has been the official photographer and videographer of the International Apnea Championships as well as other competitions. He is an official RED BULL PHOTOGRAPHER, NIKON AMBASSADOR AND MARES AMBASSADOR and an expert contributor and photographer for SCUBALIFE, a scuba diving magazine, published in all former Yugoslavian countries. Today, Marjan is well known and recognized through his project „Pogled u plavo“ (Look into the Blue), a unique way of presenting photographs of the Croatian underwater world, CROATIA 50/50 and The Art of Motion Project. He is using these projects to bring the beauty of the underwater world and the Adriatic Sea closer to the Croatian public and travellers in Croatia. The project is also a call to the public to recognize and accept social responsibility, by raising awarness about protecting the environment. "Underwater Photography for me is a personal expression, a visual game that changes the view of the world ..."
Marjan Radovic

Diving at Brijuni National Park

by Marjan Radovic - 3rd June 2022
Along the west coast of the Istrian peninsula there are several groups of islands - the largest and most interesting being…
Marjan Radovic

The sinking of the ‘Hawk’ military plane

by Marjan Radovic - 6th September 2021
Exciting wrecks are a favorite dive spot for many divers. Some are in good condition, whereas unfortunately others are in poor condition thanks…
Marjan Radovic

Jellyfish Dance

by Marjan Radovic - 12th November 2019
Nowadays, jellyfish can be found all over the Adriatic. Though they may have an attractive appearance, jellyfish should be treated…
Marjan Radovic

Freediving – Marjan Radovic photographs Tijana Nikolic

by Marjan Radovic - 4th September 2019
Freediving is an activity as old as humanity itself. More than any other sport, freediving is based on subconscious reflexes…
Marjan Radovic

Cleaning Without Borders

by Marjan Radovic - 18th June 2019
Cleaning Without Borders was a volunteer event organized in Savudrija / Piran on June the 9th, 2019. I participated as…
Marjan Radovic

Caves on the Peljesac – Croatia

by Marjan Radovic - 11th January 2018
At the invitation of my friends and passionate diver family Lopin and Roso, I had the opportunity to dive into…
Marjan Radovic

Sea Turtle Recovery Center – Croatia

by Marjan Radovic - 7th August 2017
At the Verudela Lighthouse in Pula - Croatia, the release of sea turtles back into the wild was organized by…