Caves on the Peljesac – Croatia

by   Profile Marjan Radovic   When 11th January 2018

At the invitation of my friends and passionate diver family Lopin and Roso, I had the opportunity to dive into an unexplored cave on the Peljesac peninsula near Žuljana to take exclusive photos for the Mares Blog.

Pelješac is the longest Dalmatian peninsula, very indented, mostly covered in forest, full of beaches, ridges, bays and fjords.

Pelješac was inhabited in ancient times by Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, and from the 7th century Slavs and Croats. Old historians mention it as Rathaneus Kersones, Rt risova. With its centuries-old maritime tradition, Peljesac is the peninsula of sailors and captains, famous for their skill and fearlessness at sea. Since ancient times, it has been known for its vineyards and its wines Dingač and Postup are now known throughout the world.

With its picturesque locations on one side and the greenery of olive trees and pines on the other side, being here is a special experience.

The dive site is located in the rocks of the coast. You arrive by boat and, due to the current, it is necessary to dive and go to the shore. After that you have to get out of the sea and climb into the entrance of the cave.

Like any cave diving, rules should be followed and you must be careful as, due to the sediment on the bottom and around the walls, it is easy to create dust clouds. The best tehnique when diving here with fins is a frog kick.

Our idea was to take photos that showed the beauty of the area and the simplicity of diving... the light playing in the illuminated cave section perfectly reflects the natural light and beauty of the cave.

After entering, the cave was marked with ariana thread. We entered spaces full of stalactites and stalagmites.

The visibility of the cave was perfect as you can see in the photographs...

At the end I concluded that, as an underwater photographer, I live for such locations, and because of such locations I have been motivated to dive more and more.

Written by
Profile Marjan Radovic
When 11th January 2018
Location Žuljana, Croatia

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