Mallorca: Plastic Waste In The Sea

by   Profile Mares   When 11th August 2015
Plastic waste in the sea (Mallorca) (c) GOB
Tortuga almost strangled (c) GOB

Head to Beaches Of Mallorca For Fun In The Sun... And Trash

The plastic waste that periodically gets washed up at the beaches of
Mallorca, as well as some other beaches of the Balearic Islands, has
become a more serious problem.

In July 2015, the situation was particularly bad, fuelled by the
southern winds that pushed the waste – comprising mainly plastics and
micro-plastics – from the Algerian coast towards the Balearic Islands.
This trash that washed up on the beaches and floated on the ocean
surface brought about a flood of complaints by residents and tourists
about the increasing filth present in the seas.

Although volunteers armed with garbage bags and garbage boats did their
best to clean up the problem, they were no match for the amount of
trash that showed up. Their efforts, ala Sisyphus, were albeit just a
drop in the ocean.

The problem is not limited to Mallorcan beaches but extends to Ibiza,
Formentera and Cabrera National Park some twelve kilometres off the
Mallorcan archipelago. Photographs issued by GOB (Balearic Group of
Ornithology and Defence of Nature) show a broth of trash lapping at the
shores as well as a sea turtle that was nearly strangled by plastic

Although a change in wind direction could send some of the trash back
to the Mediterranean Sea, that would be just a temporary respite. This
is because the trash would still be adrift, and might return to the
beaches with yet another change of wind direction.

The most problematic items of the plastic waste are micro-plastics.
Some of these micro-plastics come from discarded personal care products
like toothpaste to bathroom products. Although smaller than five
millimetres, they post a major threat to marine ecosystems and people,
as these substances are eaten by the marine animals, which can become
ill and die; or they may end up on our dinner plates.

To learn more about the plastic waste in our oceans, download the following for more information:

Marine Anthropogenic Litter (e-book):

Written by
Profile Mares
When 11th August 2015
Location Mallorca, Balearen, Spanien

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