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by   Profile Mares   When 13th October 2020
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK, Jordan (47)
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK, Jordan

Discover Mares' Flexa Graphene! Excellent thermal comfort in an innovative and elegant semi-dry suit that's easy to don. Let's take a look at the features:

-Anatomical cut

The cut of the new Flexa Graphene has been studied to guarantee a great fit that hugs the body, delivering maximum comfort, in both the men’s and women’s versions. The suit is available in 7 sizes for men and 6 for women.


The ultra-elastic neoprene used for this model makes it incredibly easy to don and doff. The most critical areas (chest and back) feature an inner lining comprised of a soft, warm fabric with the addition of Graphene, a unique material that reflects body heat, therefore substantially reducing heat loss. Tests carried out on this special material demonstrate lower heat loss, of around 5 °C, compared to other traditional linings.

-Dry zip

The “Master-seal” horizontal rear zip is waterproof, soft, and flexible. This makes for an extremely durable zipper, while providing an effortless donning and doffing experience.


The stitching uses “S-Seal” technology to guarantee greater thermal comfort.


The inside of the hood is GlideSkin for a better seal and easier donning. It also features a quick drainage system.


There are zips at the ankles. The inner section has super-elastic material against the skin and GlideSkin on the outside, while the outer part with the zip is lined in GlideSkin for a perfect seal.


The neck is also made in double neoprene with GlideSkin inside, pairing perfectly with the hood.

-Knee pads

The reinforced knee pads are made of Supratex for maximum abrasion resistance.

-Pull-out pocket

The right side of the suit has a very handy pull-out pocket that's extremely practical yet offers minimal resistance to drag or forward movement when not in use.


The Flexa Graphene is available in 7 sizes for men (2 to 7) and 6 for women (1 to 6). Special “Long” (L) and “Wide” (W) sizes are also available for men (3L, 3W, 4L, 4W, 5W) and women (3L, 3W, 4L, 4W).

For more information, contact your nearest Mares Dealer.

(Semi-dry suit model only available in selected countries)

Written by
Profile Mares
When 13th October 2020
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