Mares Hydro Propel Buoy – The Exciting New Buoy That Carries It All!

by   Profile Mares   When 15th March 2022

Mares is always looking for ways to improve the in-water experience of its divers and, as such, is excited to introduce the new high-capacity Hydro Propel Buoy.

This innovative, super buoyant dive buoy is easily inflatable with the included pump up to 0.2 BAR. With a 50-liter capacity, this buoy is ready for anything. It also features a very large valve with a two-way system to facilitate fast inflation and deflation.

Mares has outfitted the Propel Buoy with multiple functional features, including ten large nylon D-rings: eight on the sides and two on the bottom. The bottom D-rings feature optimized drag points to minimize drag over the water’s surface. The buoy also comes with a distinctive 20 cm x 20 cm dive flag which attaches to the back.

A large mesh pocket sits on top of the buoy for easily accessible storage.

The buoy is also equipped with two adjustable elastic bands to retain essential equipment. It has perfect buoyancy without having to add a weight fixed to the bottom.

Freedivers can easily carry this ultra-lightweight buoy by the affixed shoulder band and, once in the water, can attach their additional equipment directly onto it.

The Hydro Propel Buoy is the perfect companion for active divers!

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Written by
Profile Mares
When 15th March 2022
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