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by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 20th March 2018
Photo by Dejan Subotic
Photo by Janez Kranjc .
Photo by Janez Kranjc..
Photo by Janez Kranjc
Photo by Ivana Orlovic

The Mares XR1 Kevlar Dry Suit, Active Heat Vest and Extreme Undergarment have been used in a year-long ultimate endurance test at Weissensee, the highest freshwater lake in the Alps.

As diving instructors, my team and I from Tauchsport Yachtdiver Weissensee depend on equipment that is perfectly compatible, practical, comfortable, reliable and applicable for all seasons – especially three months of diving under the ice.

The Mares XR line includes undersuits, heating vests and dry suits which we tested.  The equipment underwent a year-long ultimate endurance test, with an average of 500 dives per person throughout the seasons, many of which were under the ice. We took part in many dives of varying difficulty for film and photo material. There were many training and work dives, not to mention professional training…

The first discovery was that the dry suit, the heating vest and the undersuits show no signs of use and wear extremely well. After one year, and the 500 dives mentioned earlier, the Mares XR Kevlar dry suit had no signs of wear and tear, it still looked brand new. Every professional diver should experience the same
longevity from this equipment.

XR1 Kevlar Dry Suit:

The XR1 from Mares charms primarily due to its ultimate combination of being as light as a feather and absolutely robust. The Kevlar overlay on the knees, elbows and shoulders proved itself very practical, especially when it came to using different sized BCDs. The cut is also practical, as well as comfortable and  perfected with an optimal fit as well as high movement potential.

All valves, no matter what the configuration, are easily reached. The zipper placement on the front is ideal, as the diver can open and close it by themselves, an advantage especially during training. The side pockets on the legs are adequately large and you can store numerous items without any problems. The fit is more than pleasant thanks to an ingenious Velcro system on the legs, even without being made to measure.

The XR1 Kevlar is delivered in an unbelievably practical bag. Thanks to the all-round zipper, it can be used as an excellent base for changing outdoors and it prevents twigs, pebbles and leaves from getting stuck to the shoes.

The suit is breathable and when combined with the Mares undergarment from this series it proves itself to be extremely comfortable.

The Mares XR1 Kevlar Dry Suit is a suit for all seasons – spring, summer, fall or winter under ice, one suit for all circumstances: it’s truly a success for the creator.

Extreme Undergarment:

This is where Italian design, absolute functionality and wonderful comfort meet. The undergarment has a ceramic overlay, to which we owe our thanks for the perfect thermo isolation. Simultaneously, the undersuit is breathable, enjoyable for both professional and recreational divers, and the well thought out cut offers plenty of comfort.

Active Heat Vest:

A gadget exclusively for wimps? Certainly not! When you’re regularly on the run in the homeland mountains or under ice, you will adore it! An ingenious system
– everything goes together perfectly, the performance is in the right places, the battery functions, what more could you want?

Mares produced exactly what we needed with the XR line: a complete solution that is comfortable, practical, functional, strong and compatible at the same
time – not only for professionals, but also for divers who want to dive throughout the entire year. Thank you, Mares!

Report by Ernest Turnschek, Tauchsport Yachtdiver Weissensee

Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 20th March 2018
Location Weissensee, Austria

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ปั๊มไลค์ on May 27th 2020
Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.
Suba on Mar 20th 2018
Great blog !!! I love Ice & Mares XR line! :)

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