The Sardine Run – The greatest show on Earth!

by   Profile Noam   When 7th March 2019
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Last year I fulfilled my biggest dream by witnessing one of the greatest natural events that our planet has to offer – the 'Sardine Run' in South Africa.

Every year, between June and July, along the west coast of South Africa, a cold current brings with it billions of sardines. As the sardines move up the coast they attract ocean hunters. Thousands of dolphins, sharks, Cape Gannet birds and even whales follow the sardines for the annual feast. This massive feast is considered the biggest and wildest event in the oceans.

Equipped with my new Mares Razor Matrix freediving fins, I was able to move quickly without too much effort, freediving to shoot the action as the Cape Gannets dove from the sky at 100km/h and dolphins surrounded the sardines, gathering them into a massive bait ball among the feeding frenzy.

Adrenalin pumps through your veins and you slowly realize that you are in the best seat at nature's best show.

This July I will be back for more action, leading a small group of divers and snorkelers to enjoy the experience of the Sardine Run in South Africa. Our trip includes afternoon excursions among the breathtaking landscapes of the Wild Coast region. We will  start our journey with 2 days diving at the famous Aliwal Shoal, at Cathedral among congregations of Ragged Tooth sharks.

I still have 2 last spots available on the trip, so if you are interested in joining me for this amazing, wild, natural phenomenon contact me at:

Noam Kortler - Mares Ambassador

Written by
Profile Noam
When 7th March 2019
Location South Africa

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Boaz Samorai on Mar 07th 2019
Best seat in the house for nature ultimate show!!!

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