A teenager tries scuba diving

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 8th October 2019
02 Photo by Slobodan Turkalj BOB (Large)
04 Photo by Janez Kranjc (Large)

This summer I had one of the greatest adventures of my life! I went to a SCUBA diving camp and experienced the most unique journey ever.

Not having a WI-FI connection felt a little odd at first, I'll admit. I quit watching TV shows and playing video games for a few weeks. Despite the fact that I missed having my earphones in, listening to my favorite rappers and singers, I had the time of my life! Thanks to all these things, which I used to consider difficult, I met so many incredible people, laughed and spent time with family like never before.

I explored parts of the underwater world and discovered the beauty that lies below the surface. What excites me most is that these were just bits and there is so much more to see. I got to know some of the ocean's secrets, and because of that I am very encouraged to find new ones.

SCUBA diving opened my eyes and made me seek other new adventures of the same kind. I found that the bottom of the ocean is a special place, a place where you forget everything that you might be worried or insecure about, and where you don’t think about things that might upset you. All that you're focused on is how mysterious, refreshing and magnificent the sea is. And when you get to the shore, the countdown to when you will return to the underwater kingdom starts!

Written by Tamara Orlovic, SSI OWD

Photos by Ivana OK, Janez Kranjc and Slobodan Turkalj – Bob

Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 8th October 2019
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Danny on May 23rd 2020
It is the best feeling and have been the best adventures that I have ever had. I am always seeking opportunities to dive! Enjoy the underwater world! Danny.

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