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by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 28th March 2019
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Being a brand ambassador brings with it a lot of beautiful things. You have the chance to be among the first people diving with the latest piece of equipment, to meet up with very important people from the dive industry, to travel and do even more diving.

Last year, we met Sigala Shoham (SSI Instructor Certifier), the owner of Sigala Diving School, and an idea for a new project started to formulate in our minds. This year, she introduced us to two more Mares ambassadors, Noam Kortler and Boaz Samorai, and the blinker turned itself on. We came up with the phenomenal idea of uniting our work as Mares photo ambassadors.

One of the main reasons for our photoshoot was to try out new products: the Z-Therm wetsuit, Epic and Ultra regulators and the Genius computer. Four ambassadors, four photographers, four creative minds and a bunch of great ideas.

Everything was arranged easily with the support of Sigala Diving School. We were accommodated in a villa, where the dive center is also located, and where we had the peace needed to work and come up with new ideas. Although there’s always a bit of jealousy between photographers, especially when sharing models or showing off locations, the four of us got along quite well. From the very beginning, it was clear that this was going to be a quality cooperation.

Noam provided all of us with underwater scooters, so that we could stay underwater longer and visit locations which were farther away.

As the Israeli sea is a part of the Red Sea, letting you know about the beauty of this area is unnecessary. Dives usually start from the shore, with all the locations close by and easily accessible. The wonderful Satil shipwreck, at 25m deep, is accompanied by some beautiful coral reefs and a lot of underwater life. The water temperature was 22 degrees at the time, and the visibility was very good.

What stands out with Israel as a dive location is definitely the possibility to dive with dolphins! Some time ago they were fenced in by nets, but now they are free to swim wherever they want. I have had the experience of diving with dolphins in other destinations many times. Often they would approach, take a quick look, and swim away, not allowing you to admire their beauty for long periods of time. This time it was quite different. Upon hearing the sound of our scooters, they instantly surrounded us, creating cheerful noises. I know that’s the way they communicate, and I’m sure they were gossiping about us, but the scene was fascinating and memorable. They’re used to divers and love posing. We saw a company of four big, healthy dolphins. It’s most diver’s dream to enjoy the company of these animals in their natural habitat, not in captivity.

Apart from diving of the highest quality, Israel also offers a delicious cuisine, the people are kind and the natural beauties of the desert and mountains surrounding Eilat are worth a visit, too.

We would like to thank Sigala, Noam and Boaz for their hospitality and we are sure that this cooperation will continue in to the future.

Written by Ivana OK

Photo by Janez Kranjc, Noam Kortler, Boaz Samorai

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Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 28th March 2019
Location Elat, Israele

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