2nd Stage Swivel Connector – Bring Comfort to your Second Stage

by   Profile Mares   When 20th May 2021
416413_2nd stage LP Swivel Connector

Mares XR is excited to announce the addition of the 2nd Stage LP Swivel Connector to its extensive line of Extended Range accessories. This innovative swivel design brings added regulator comfort to technical divers of all disciplines. XR divers can now experience a freedom of movement never felt before while keeping the regulator's position secure in their mouth.

The low-pressure hose adapter has a 360-degree swivel capability, reducing jaw fatigue and allowing for a broader range of head movement. This innovative accessory is placed between the regulator hose and the 2nd stage. When turning your head, the swivel connector significantly decreases the second stage's likelihood of being pulled out of your mouth.

The 2nd Stage LP Swivel Connector has a wide range of possible uses. It is ideal for using on sidemounts with a left regulator configuration. The swivel hose adapter also brings added comfort when used on waist-mounted deco and stage tank set-ups.

Technical diving can be exhilarating and comfortable all at the same time. Add the new 2nd Stage LP Swivel Connector by Mares to your tek set-up today.

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Written by
Profile Mares
When 20th May 2021
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