Mares EOS Beam – a sleek, compact yet powerful underwater light!

by   Profile Mares   When 13th May 2021
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EOS Beam
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EOS Beam charger point

Our new EOS Beam torch is a sleek, compact yet powerful underwater light designed for our Pure Pasison line. This innovative dive light is rich with features and environmentally friendly, furthering Mares' mission to create a sustainable diving culture.

To minimize the EOS Beam's impact on the environment, the light runs on an in-house rechargeable battery. With a burn time of approximately 90 minutes, this powerful torch is ready to get you through the longest of dive sessions. You can then charge it back up in just 300 minutes with any USB compatible plug-in.

Being able to charge the EOS Beam from your car, your laptop, or your portable phone charger makes this small but mighty light the perfect travel companion. It is handy and compact, weighing only 188 grams and only 159mm in length, meaning the EOS Beam is easy to take with you wherever you go.

With this incredible light, Mares also took away the guessing game that sometimes comes with rechargeable equipment. The EOS Beam is equipped with a visual battery indicator to tell you how much battery life is remaining and has an LED charge indicator, letting you know when the light is fully charged again.

Although this light is small, it boasts a very concentrated, narrow angle light beam. The Cree LED bulb gives off 1053 lumens, making it the most powerful freediving light in the Mares equipment line. Plus, it is extremely easy to turn on and off with the single push-button switch.

Keep the EOS Beam secure to your body during every dive with the adjustable wrist strap and protected between dives with a custom padded, zippered case. Do not stay in the dark; take the small, powerful EOS Beam underwater torch with you on every dive.

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Written by
Profile Mares
When 13th May 2021
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