Aly Yalaoui Tribute

by   Profile Emir   When 14th May 2018

Aly Yalaoui, for those who knew him, was the leader of technical diving in Algeria, the deepest diving Algerian, a Mares brand representative, a family man and a personality who was out of the ordinary.

He was passionate about diving and the sea, a passion he had from a young age and which he transmitted to hundreds, maybe a thousand people. He was known for his charisma and strong character.

We are a small number of initiates who were lucky enough to be his real friends. We had to see beyond appearances, we had to see beyond the words of people, we had to accept that he did not take care of just himself, that he kept us for hours on the phone or in the club for his convictions and his the end, I say it today and his real friends will understand, he was demanding only with the people he loved. He only counseled the people he respected, he only cared for the people he liked.

I had his confidence when he sponsored me as a Mares ambassador.

I do not worry about your family and friends, you have left behind men and women worthy of the name, you have worked to be in paradise. I ask God to allow me to see you again one day in heaven, for a dive or a simple discussion that I already miss.

-Emir Berkane

Written by
Profile Emir
When 14th May 2018
Location Algiers, Algérie

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Stefan Michl on May 27th 2018
Couldn’t agree more! RIP Aly...

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