Bronze Palm at the World Festival of Underwater Images for Algerian documentary ‘The Houses of the Sea’

by   Profile Emir   When 15th November 2017

The Algerian documentary film The Houses of the Sea by Hamza Mendil, won the Bronze Palm on Saturday night in the Pro category at the World Festival of Underwater Images and Aquatic Environments in Marseille.

This is the first time Algeria has participated in the festival which started in 1974. The film itself is the first 100% Algerian underwater documentary film, produced by the Hippone Sub D'Annaba Association and the Algerian production company NEPHRONS GP. It was financed by the UNFMF / SGP / UNDP program and directed by the young Algerian director Hamza Mendil.

The 54-minute feature film tells the story of the first artificial reefs in Annaba, immersed in May 2016 thanks to a collaboration with the Ministries of Fisheries and the Environment, coastguards and professionals. The project was completed despite enormous administrative difficulties, especially when it was necessary to obtain the necessary authorizations to dive at the five reefs.

The film shows the evolution of artificial reefs in detail during a full year, and the incredible colonization over a short period of time of these real 'Houses of the Sea' by the algae and fish, proof of the utility of these devices and the need for their widespread generalization.

The project has accelerated the establishment of a regulatory framework which will govern the immersion of these devices in the future.

In this film we can see speakers such as SidAhmed Ferroukhi (Ex Minister of Fisheries), Mrs. Zerouati, the current Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy, Eric Oververt, the resident coordinator of the United Nations in Algeria and of course environmental activist and Mares Ambassador Emir Berkane.

This award in a competition where the behemoths of documentary film production, were present, rewarded a film with a tiny budget compared to super productions like "The man who wanted to dive on Mars" with Alban Michon, Palme d'Or of Festival of yesterday and which cost several hundreds of thousands of Euros.

This award will certainly serve as a leitmotiv for young Algerian photographers and institutional managers to facilitate authorizations for submarine, aerial and dive filming in which The Houses of the Sea is fortunately rich.

Written by
Profile Emir
When 15th November 2017
Location Marseille, France

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Nissa MENDIL on Nov 26th 2017
Bravo, vivement les prochaines réalisations,
Emir Berkane on Nov 20th 2017
Thank you all. Merci beaucoup, merci à tous. Emir
Sofiane ATROUS on Nov 20th 2017
Very interesting project, and very nice job. Well done guys wish a lot of success
Anas Mokdad on Nov 20th 2017
Proud of us all ! On to the next one :D
Ryan on Nov 20th 2017
Félicitations à toute l'équipe, bon courage pour la suite.
Manil on Nov 19th 2017
Super projet et une superbe equipe avec hamza et Mr émir.
Kayer on Nov 19th 2017
Bravo à toute l'équipe et particulièrement à mon ami et frère emir tu réussi tout ou tout te réussit
Kayer on Nov 19th 2017
Bravo à toute l'équipe du film et particulièrement à mon ami et frère emir tu réussi tout ou tout te réussi
Adam zemali on Nov 19th 2017
Magique et plein de bonne volonté pour nos futurs enfants :)
ABDELLATIF MENDIL on Nov 19th 2017
Very proud of you Hamza my fils,congrats to all your team,good luck for the future,inchallah more awards to come1.2.3 Go Algeria
ABDELLATIF MENDIL on Nov 19th 2017
Very Proud of you Hamza my son ,congrats ,to you and all your teammates ,its a very important & sensitive subjet, so good luck for the future and more awards to come inchallah.1. 2. 3 Go Algeria!!
Djalal on Nov 19th 2017
Bravo à toute l'équipe,fier de vous.
Djalal on Nov 19th 2017
Bravo et félicitations à toutes l'équipe
Hamza Mendil on Nov 19th 2017
Une excellente expérience à généraliser
Larbi on Nov 17th 2017
Proud of you, bro.
Wahid on Nov 17th 2017
Une fierté pour l'Algérie.
Ilhem on Nov 17th 2017
Félicitations à toute l'équipe.
Mounir on Nov 17th 2017

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