Eilat: In The Sea And On The Sand For Your Fun In The Sun

by   Profile Herbert   When 17th July 2015
ריף הדולפינים, אילת
Snorkelling with dolphins in Eilat (c) Israeli Ministry of Tourism
Diving with dolphins at Dolphin Reef in Eilat (c) Israeli Ministry of Tourism

For Your Fun In The Sun

When temperatures start to drop during those winter months in Germany,
many of us would be heading for the next best place for great swimming
and diving – Eilat.

However, today's divers want more out of their diving holiday. Not only
do they want to get their feet wet, they want to soak in the
destination's atmosphere, history, culture and natural charms as well.
With its unique combination of sea and desert – with the Red Sea on the
southern coast and the Negev Desert on the land side – Eilat is also a
draw for photographers and sports enthusiasts. Hence, it's no wonder
that so many make a beeline for Eilat, which is literally right around
the corner (just a four-hour direct flight from Central Europe!).

Playground For Adventurers
Off the coast of Eilat, the lovers of water sports are spoilt for
choice. There are numerous dive centres and dive spots. The reefs are
in excellent condition and offer a magnificent insight into the
colourful world of corals and marine life. For a distraction, divers
can also partake in jet-skiing, waterskiing, kitesurfing, parasailing,
wakeboarding, windsurfing, and even water-tubing! There are simply no
limits in this aquatic gem, commonly known as the 'Pearl of the Red
Sea'. Those who are up for some dolphin interaction can visit Dolphin
Reef, where they can swim and interact with these intelligent
creatures, up close and personal. Above all, the environment here is
stress-free and completely agreeable for the dolphins.

Bring Along Your Hiking Boots!
When on dry land, head for Timna Park, nearly 25 kilometres north of
Eilat. Here, you will find 60 square kilometres of pristine desert with
numerous hiking and mountain bike trails of varying difficulty levels.
While on your journey, do pause and feast your eyes on the abstract
artwork all around you, sculpted by wind erosion throughout the
millennia. The most interesting (and famous) formations here must be
the Solomon's Pillars.

Extreme Sports Paradise
Thanks to Eilat's excellent weather and natural conditions, there are
many international sports events held here. Test your mantle both in
the water and on dry land at the Israman (27–30 January 2016), which is
the Ironman ala the Israeli version. Otherwise, this year's Eilat
Desert Marathon on November 27th offers experienced runners the
experience of running 42 kilometres through the Eilat Desert.

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Written by
Profile Herbert
When 17th July 2015
Location HaMayim St, Eilat, Israel

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