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by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 11th April 2019
2 Photo by Janez Kranjc (Large)
4 Photo by Ivana Orlović (Large)
3 Photo by Janez Kranjc (Large)
6 Photo by Janez Kranjc (Large)
1  Photo by Nikola Doder (Large)

When you start your marriage under the water, and also give birth underwater, it is rather logical that one day you will develop a diving family. Having a scuba diving life and career means your underwater office is already pretty nice by itself, but sharing that “office” with your life partner makes it even more attractive. Together you discover the secrets of the blue planet and enjoy scuba diving in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. Both of us being instructors, underwater photographers, videographers and models, there is no end to the joy that diving brings us.

Then, at some point, kids came too. While you must be very quiet when some babies are sleeping, divers’ children are used to sleeping next to the humming of a compressor. While some of them are secretly stealing sweets, ours were stealing octopus’, being too young to dive just yet. The youngest one, Mateja was selling shells which he collected while snorkelling next to us when he was only six years old. That’s how he earned his first diving fins. As the years went on, one by one, they became old enough to dive, and now we can all be underwater, together.

The eldest son in our family, Andrej Kranjc (21 years), has reached rescue diver level and has been helping us run our dive centre for a few years now. Although he loves diving, you most often see him chatting with the cute ice cream girl on the beach. Luka Kranjc (16 years) is an open water diver. Having easily overcome core competencies, he is eager to take his diving education to further levels. Mateja Kranjc (11 years) was raised in diving surroundings. He loves diving and is our underwater model quite often. 

Watching your own children discovering a brand new underwater world and seeing the endless happiness on their faces is absolutely priceless. When we ascend everybody asks questions: What type of fish was that? How come that Haliotis shell lives on the bottom side of the rock? Was that a real coral?

Although Janez and I are professional divers, it is not important that they follow in our footsteps. What is important is that they enjoy exploring and keep on learning how to save our beautiful blue planet.     

Text: Ivana Orlovic Kranjc

Photos: Nikola Doder, Ivana O.K. & Janez Kranjc

Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 11th April 2019
Location Serbia

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Paul Partridge on Jan 03rd 2021
Great pictures
Semra Yurtkuran on Apr 14th 2019
This is so cute and you are a beautiful family! I send you a lot of love from egypt.

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