The freediving family continues to grow

by   Profile Gianluca   When 1st June 2017
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Another SSI
Freediving Instructor course
has concluded in Lerici and the freediving family
continues to grow. That which was once considered a discipline reserved for few
is now reaching a constantly increasing public.

Not only high
performance athletes, but also simply sea enthusiasts are choosing freediving
as a different way of exploring the depths with greater freedom of movement,
being lighter in the water without heavy equipment and the time limits presented
by breathing apparatus.

The new
instructors, 4 Italians and 2 from France, obtained different certification levels,
but what counts more than the level reached is the passion and will to share the
purity of this specialty which allows you to be in contact with the sea and
live it like no one else can.

I’m sure that
you, having read these lines, are attracted to the blue and silence of the
depths, and if you have never tried freediving, will soon dedicate one of your
sea outings to discovering the beauty and unique feelings that this discipline can
give us. At least I hope so! :)

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Written by
Profile Gianluca
When 1st June 2017
Location Lerici, SP, Italia

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