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by   Profile Mares   When 9th August 2017
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When we become divers we go through different stages in our diving adventure. We start off scared/excited (nervous-cited) of what lies ahead of us. We focus on breathing, clearing our masks, skills that are thrown at us and passing exams, assessments, etc. Then we relax for a while and start enjoying the actual diving. We go on to deeper dives, perhaps boat diving, and start to notice the marine life around us.

Seeing a moray eel or an octopus for the first time is an enormous event, and when we become further experienced, additionally relaxed and more observant, we start to notice more and more of what is going on around us.

As divers we are very privileged; we see more than half of the population of this planet. We experience it with our own eyes and go on to tell other people, trying to convince them to go diving too so they can experience the joy of it for themselves just as we have done.

Taking a good macro photo requires a lot of patience, excellent buoyancy and a steady hand. The equipment I use is quite heavy, even underwater, and rather large, but it is of a high-quality and yields great results. To take pictures of the details that the naked eye can barely see, I use a Nikkor 105mm macro lens with the Saga +15 Extreme Achromatic Lens in Subal underwater housing.

Sometimes I hang upside-down to get a good frame, at times I remain motionless for more than half an hour to take one good photo, but when I look at the final results I know it was worth it. I love when I photograph something I have never seen before, that is the best part for me. Afterwards, with the help of the internet at home and my marine biologist friends, I research what I have seen. I enjoy new discoveries.

Macro photography requires a lot of time and not much movement, so I wear a wetsuit which is suitable for the temperature such as Mares' Flexa 8.6.5 - She Dives. Being cold isn’t an option as it affects the quality of the shots.

I like to bring scuba diving closer to people who have never tried it and to depict an entire hidden world which is invisible and unknown, even to us divers, by using my macro photos.

Author: Ivana Orlovic Kranjc


Written by
Profile Mares
When 9th August 2017
Location Montenegro

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Emir on Aug 21st 2017
Very nice job. Bravo

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