The Fourth Walensee Apnea Festival 5th – 6th.August.2017.

by   Profile Rene Trost   When 10th August 2017
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Sincere thanks to all participants, to our sponsor's Mares, SSI, Davosa, ChrisBenz, Ivana Orlović, Samo Jeranko and Neza. The special thing with Ivana, Samo, Nik and Rene was that four Mares ambassadors were together at the same place. We have never managed to accomplish this before.

The title says it all! This year we had a blessing in disguise. Unfortunately, Antonio Kodermann could not participate this year, so we had to reorganise and find suitable replacements for him. We asked Samo Jeranko, currently one of the greatest freedivers, and Ivana Orlović, one of the best underwater photographers that exist if they had the time and will to participate in our event. Crazily enough, they both managed. Samo was accompanied by his girlfriend Neza, also a very talented free diver, so we had active support. Of course, we were also quite delighted to know that 30 participants in advance booked the Festival!

Our Festival was ready to be opened in time, for the fourth year in a row, with the sun shining and the temperature 28 degrees Celsius. Simply unbelievable! The mood was indescribable, almost like a big family gathering! With both advanced free divers and beginners exchanging stories among themselves. Diverse free diving work-shops were this year in the programme, again. Besides that, there was also relaxation, yoga, pranayama and stretching of the entire body. As in the previous years, we have emphasised the diving competition which takes place on Sunday, at the end of the gathering. The winners could receive valuable prizes from our sponsor's Mares, Chrisbenz and Davosa. The first three places were 10-20cm apart. It had never been by such a close shave.

This time there was also diving to a predetermined depth using a specially modified mask through which participants were unable to see. Eight participants were half a meter away from their target depths! Unfortunately, time flies very quickly, and the event came to a swift conclusion. We are however already planning our Fifth Annual Festival on.the 4th – 5th August.2018! We already have the first sign ups which are a tribute to the success of this year’s event.

What makes the Walense Festival so unique?

There was an easy entrance into the water, and by swimming out just a few meters, there was sufficient depth for free diving. There were parking spaces at the Festival. In a restaurant nearby, called Lago Mio, participants could have a lunch break or relax in the evening with like-minded people. Irrespective of whether someone was an advanced diver or a beginner, using our workshops people have the opportunity to improve themselves and their diving skills. The event was limited to just 30 participants; we provided small snacks during dive breaks which consisted of an assortment of fresh fruits, chocolate bars and drinks. The prizes were worth over €1500. Additionally, every participant got an Apnea t-shirt as a gift to bring home as a souvenir of their participation.

Next year we will be there again, and we look forward to seeing you!

Mares team





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Written by
Profile Rene Trost
When 10th August 2017
Location Lago Mio, Weesen, Svizzera

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