The Atlas Adj 62X – Our new, all-metal, dependable regulator

by   Profile Mares   When 23rd March 2022

Our customers asked, and we answered. After many requests for an all-metal version of the tried-and-true Abyss second stage regulator, Mares is excited to announce the release of the Atlas Adj 62X!

Mares’ engineers designed this regulator with the most extreme conditions in mind. The Atlas second stage's all-metal design offers high thermo-conductivity, making it one of the best-performing regulators for cold water diving. The robust, metal exterior is highly durable and designed to meet the requirements of the world's most demanding dive environments.

The new Atlas second stage features the PAD system (Pneumatically Assisted Design), and the patented Mars VAD system (Vortex Assisted Design). This impressive combination allows for high airflow, delivering smooth, easy breathing at all depths and temperatures. Moreover, with no moving components inside the by-pass, internal ice formation during cold water dives is never an issue. Wearing thick gloves is also never a problem with the Atlas second stage as it features a newly designed wide pivoting purge button and a wide, longer breathing adjustment knob that are both easy to access. The Atlas also features a lightweight Superflex low-pressure hose which ensures advanced comfort during use.

Such an innovative second stage requires an equally advanced first stage. We paired it with our most reliable first stage, the 62X. This newly improved first stage is the first to feature the Twin Balanced Piston (TBP). This combination is the ultimate solution for extreme cold water diving. Mares' innovative Auto Sealing Technology (AST), which protects against water entering the first stage, and the natural DFC (Dynamic Flow Control), which guarantees elevated, consistent airflow, make the 62X TBP a completely isolated unit.

The innovative Atlas Adj 62X is the industry's best recreational regulator for cold water and deep diving use, and it is sure to become a staple amongst demanding divers and for cold water dives. With performance standards that exceed expectations at 200m and proven technology at 400m, the Atlas Adj 62X is ready to live up to the high standards that divers have come to expect from Mares regulators.

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Profile Mares
When 23rd March 2022
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