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Ivana Orlovic using the Epic

Mares has always had models characterized by ‘All Metal Technology’ in its regulator line. These regulators have metal second stages that offer exclusive characteristics and advantages. Let’s take a look at them:

Greater robustness

It is easily understandable that second stages made in highly resistant metal can offer superior strength compared to those made in other materials. These regulators can therefore support intense use or accidental knocks more easily, and guarantee durability that is without doubt superior to that of other models made in tecnopolymer.

Greater resistance to scrapes and scuffing

Also in this case, the peculiar characteristics of metal second stages guarantee great performance in all conditions, handling all possible “mistreatment” a lot better than others do.

Completely superior performance in cold waters

This is, perhaps, the most important characteristic, especially appreciated by divers who dive in very cold waters, professional divers and Navy scuba divers.

We should in fact know that during inhalation, air expansion takes place within the second stage. This phenomenon causes temperatures to decrease and, as a consequence, especially when diving in cold waters, can make the air reach temperatures a lot lower than zero. If the second stage is made of metal, it has great conductivity characteristics for which the water surrounding it ‘heats’ the inner air because, even if we are talking about very cold waters, the temperature is nevertheless a lot higher than the air within the second stage. The good conductibility of the metal, therefore, drastically reduces the risk of self-supply that often, unfortunately, presents itself when diving in cold waters.  This characteristic of metal second stages, if combined with VAD (Vortex Assisted Design) technology, unique to Mares, greatly improves the second stage’s resistance to freezing. With VAD, in fact, the air is not “injected” straight towards the diver’s mouth, but directed into the second stage in a rotating movement, therefore further limiting a drop in temperature and, as a consequence, reducing the possibility of free flow.

Reduced “cotton mouth” effect

The definition of “cotton mouth” is the typical sensation of a dry mouth that often occurs during a dive. Within the second stages of regulators characterised by “All Metal Technology” a very thin layer of condensation forms that returns some natural humidity to the air, therefore considerably reducing the annoying feeling of having a dry mouth.

The possibility of coverings with enhanced technical and aesthetic characteristics

Metal second stages also allow for the use of special coverings that further enhance both their technical and aesthetic characteristics. The EPIC ADJ 82X model, for example, has a PVD coating which, as well as creating a unique, very elegant look, offers exceptional resistance to scrapes and abrasions.

The FUSION 72X model is characterised, however, by a “pearl chrome” finish which, as well as guaranteeing resistance against oxidation and typical chrome-plating corrosion, creates an interesting, elegant appearance.

All Metal Technology: the best for demanding divers!

By Gianni Garofalo

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When 10th July 2019
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