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When only the best equipment will do - Mares XR, now available in Micronesia

In order for a business to be successful in the consumer industry there are many certainties; the services being offered must meet the consumer expectation, the communication must be efficient and effective, marketing must be eye catching and informative, social media must be active and focused, and customer service must be unquestionable.  It is with that in mind that Tekstreme Diving has teamed up with Master Liveaboards.

Tekstreme Diving

Tekstreme Diving is a consumer and customer service company that supplies a high level of diving services specialising in extended range diving, also known as technical diving. The company is based in Egypt and offers a wide range of technical diving excursions, liveaboards and training in the Red Sea. They are constantly looking for worldwide travel operators to partner with to allow them to expand their services in more destinations further afield.

Tekstreme Diving pride themselves on the quality of technical diving services they have provided over the years to their loyal customers and so will not simply work with any travel agent.

Master Liveaboards

Master Liveaboards, which is part of an alliance of specialist liveaboard companies along with Siren Fleet and Blueotwo, offer diving in the best locations in the world.

All boats have spacious indoor and outdoor facilities for comfortable and relaxing cruises in between dives. Dive decks have plenty of space for you to set up your technical equipment and store your accessories. A large, dedicated crew take care of all diver needs on board and underwater, allowing you to fully enjoy the most exciting diving destinations. All Master Liveaboards’ boats set out to show, in great comfort and style, the world’s best and unsurpassed diving destinations.

In a very recent development, Tekstreme Diving have joined forces with Master Liveaboards to offer their technical diving services to customers looking to dive the awe inspiring wrecks that are lying in Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia.

The Diving Vessel

The Truk Master was launched in 2016 and spends its time serving technical divers in Chuuk Lagoon and Bikini Atol.

Built of steel, the Truk Master is one of the newest liveaboard boats to ply the waters of this lagoon, welcoming aboard 14 technical diving guests for 7-night Chuuk Lagoon technical diving safaris.

The vessel is fully equipped to be able to support the open circuit diver or the rebreather diver and has the ability to provide custom gases for each diver.

Keeping with its high standards, Master Liveaboards decided that it would offer high quality rental technical diving equipment to help the travel costs of their customers. With many weight restrictions in place on most airlines, travelling with a full set of open circuit technical equipment can get quite costly.

In 2016, Mares, known for their unquestionable reputation in the world of recreational diving, designed, developed and tested their full line of XR products which now can be found worldwide. Mares XR technical diving products provide the greatest quality and the highest reliability for divers seeking to go that little bit deeper for that little bit longer.  It was no question that Master Liveboards would choose to offer such a quality product to their customers.

The Extended Range equipment available to rent onboard the Truk Master is:

25XR – DR Second Stage
High-performance second stage
Stable flow without excessive positive-pressure breathing (VAD - Vortex Assisted Design)
No need for user adjustments
Compact and rugged – All metal body is made from high-impact chrome and nickel-plated brass
Slightly negatively buoyant
Strong and resistant, ideal for scootering, deep, cold and wreck diving
Cold water resistant
Cover design disperses water flow around the second-stage diaphragm and reduces the free flow (Mesh Grid Design)
Easy-to-push purge

25XR  - First Stage
Full metal body
Nickel-plated marine brass
Compact, solid one-piece body
Balanced diaphragm - DFC
2 LP ports (3/8” UNF) all angled downward
1 HP port (IPD: Interchangeable Port Design) powered (7/16” UNF)
Extreme reliability – Highest safety
Maximized breathing comfort
Extreme depth, engaged dives & mixed gas diving (Helium, O2, Nitrogen)
Perfect LP hoses positioning – no useless port - Offering perfect, snag free hose positioning
Dual configuration: fits all certifying agencies from RSTC to DIR divers and all XR uses including cave
Environmental dry system = keeps water out of the main spring chamber + prevents ice buildup + keeps silt and contamination out

Donut Bladder Twin Tank Wing
Drains: 6 large grommets, 2 on top and 4 on bottom
1200D “bulletproof” ballistic nylon and 600D polyester exterior
Inner air cell: black polyurethane
Heavy duty plastic zipper and slider with elongated teeth
4 heavy duty grommets positioned to allow optimum trim
K style with brass buttons
35” low profile, round-shaped hose
Mid position does not interfere with 1st stage dump valve
Low profile dump valve
Micro puller
Stylish, durable (resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions), lightweight and long-lasting
Extremely streamlined - very stable continuous loop shape
Smooth gas shift of air from left to right
Top quality zipper: does not interfere with the woven textile tape, easy handling, strong and durable

Heavy Duty Complete Mounted System
3.5m webbing with center hole and grommet
3 x 40mm elastic loop retainers
1.5m crotch strap
2 x bent D-ring 50mm stainless steel
2 x straight D-Ring 50mm stainless steel
4 x 3-bar slides normal stainless steel with Mares logo
2 x 3-bar slides toothed stainless steel with Mares logo
1 x Waist buckle stainless steel with Mares logo
Crotch Strap
2 x straight D-rings 50mm stainless steel
1 x 3-bar glides 50mm stainless steel with Mares logo
DIR – Hogarthian configuration
Backplate stainless steel 3mm

The Trip

Master Liveaboards are offering 7 – 10 night trips to Chuuk lagoon visiting the wrecks of the lagoon between the months of October – March.

For those divers looking to explore outside of the recreational diving limitations, Tekstreme will be working in cooperation with Blueotwo UK to offer a week focused on the exploration of the deeper wrecks. The specialist technical trip powered by Tekstreme Diving will be run between the  9th – 16th February 2020. There will be no depth or time limitations on any of the dives, allowing you to really taste the history and explore these amazing time capsules.

For more information on the specialist technical diving trip to Chuuk lagoon see here.

For more information on the vessel see here.

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When 4th June 2018
Location Chuuk Lagoon, Federated States of Micronesia

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