Mikovica Cave

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 19th June 2018
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There have been a lot of articles written about cave diving since it is arguably the most extreme type of diving. When getting into cave diving, you have to start somewhere, preferably from easier towards more complex cave dives.

Mikovica Cave is one of the most attractive caves of the South Adriatic, suitable for the recreational diver. Aquatorium, around the city of Bar in the south of Montenegro, is rich with interesting dive sites. One of the most important ones is certainly Mikovica Cave.

The cave is located near Bigovica Bay, just a short boat ride south of Bar. It was named by Miodrag Mikovic, one of the local pioneers of diving. He was the first person to discover and explore the cave. The cave has a large entrance located at a depth of 7m. It has 2 legs. The outline of the cave is more or less horizontal, spreading inland some 70m in length in the left leg, and some 50m in the right leg.

Upon entering the mouth of the cave, you will find yourself in a large hall with a flat sandy bottom. If you look back, you can enjoy the view of the azure blueness of the rough edged cave mouth.

After the first 15m a right leg of the cave branches off. Some parts of this tunnel are somewhat confined in a few spots, especially at the end, just before the syphon where you have to crawl under a very low slab to enter it. This is why the right leg is not allowed for recreational divers.

The left leg is quite wide. The bottom is mostly rocky with sand patches, so the risk of bad visibility due to disturbance is low. Even if some sand is kicked up, it settles down quite fast.

By continuing our penetration we enter the zone of several meters where salt water mixes with fresh. For the rest of cave length, the water is almost entirely fresh and you will experience quite a drop in water temperature. You will be rewarded, however, with pristine visibility.

The end of the cave has a large syphon with breathable air, where you can take a few minutes to enjoy beautiful stalactite formations, before heading back.

There is an Ariadne’s thread installed throughout both legs of the cave.

After all has been said, it is easy to imagine why Mikovica Cave presents an excellent cave diving training course, as well as an adrenalin rush for recreational divers. Diving at this location can be arranged through the local diving center Scuba Quest in Bar.

Text & photos: Janez Kranjc

Dive gear used: 75XR - DR Full Tek Set, XR1 Kevlar Latex drysuit, Essence mask, Quad Air Computer, DCTV Canister Light, XR Rigid Cap


Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 19th June 2018
Location Bar, Montenegro

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ปั้มไลค์ on Jul 05th 2020
Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.
Luke on Jan 26th 2020
Hi, I saw that you are using XR Rigid Cap. Are you happy with it? Donyou recommend it? Any issues? I I am thinking about buying it! Thx for any help, Luke

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