The Seal Skin – My New Dive Buddy

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 10th January 2020
Seal Skin, model Marcin Pawełczyk Photo by Janez Kranjc (5) (Large)
Seal Skin, model Marcin Pawełczyk Photo by Ivana OK (Large)
Seal Skin, model Marcin Pawełczyk Photo by Janez Kranjc (1) (Large)
Seal Skin, model Marcin Pawełczyk Photo by Ivana OK(4) (Large)

The theory:

The Mares Seal Skin is a 6mm cold water wetsuit designed to keep you comfortable and warm in milder waters, or even in colder waters for those who don’t want to use a drysuit because they don't have one or dive very rarely in cold waters. The Seal Skin is a one piece standard back entry wetsuit with a separate hood and extra leg seal that prevents cold water from getting through to your ankles. You will also find a small, extra zipper under your neck for better hood placement. The whole suit is nylon-lined inside and out, with dry stiched inner seams and outer ones which are protected by overlaid strips of plasticized material that seals, making the joins stronger. A heavy-duty zipper on the back with a standard flap and rubber-type finish prevent water from flushing through.

Let's go diving:

But does all that really keep you warm and comfortable?  Is donning your wetsuit while standing on one leg on a sandy beach easy?

Well, as I am a drysuit diver all year round, I was quite skeptical when told that this was going to be a wetsuit dive, but let's start from the beginning...

Putting the dry suit on was easy, everything fit where it should, the ankle zippers and back zipper were smooth and could be reached by hand, and the extra zipper on the neck is an excellent idea. I don’t like it when suits are tight on my neck, so I kept that one open until all my equipment was on and zipped it up last before diving in.

Like all wetsuits, some water just needs to get inside and stay, that's just how it works, so no surprises here, the water got inside, stayed warm and the suit remained comfortable and warm. During an eighty-five minute dive I didn’t feel much difference in warmth the whole time, that’s a big plus for the Seal Skin.

Extra add ons:

The Mares Seal Skin comes with a couple of helpful add-ons as I like to call them. The first one, and the most important for me, was the possibility of adding a Smart Pocket. I keep my buoy and a reel there whenever I go diving. On a lake, sea, boat or shore dive I always have it with me and I like to keep it in my pocket, ready when needed. The second cool thing is a small hook for your hood. It's nice when you hang your suit up to dry after diving as it's good to have your hood clipped on so it doesn't get lost. Last but least, and useful, are the ridges on the forarms to help you keep your watch and dive computer in place.

Mares Seal Skin is very well design and crafted to the highest standards; it will for sure last for many dives and be your buddy for a long time.

Men's Model

She Dives Model

Written by Marcin Pawełczyk, Editor in Chief at

Photos by Janez Kranjc and Ivana OK

Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 10th January 2020
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