A unique diving experience in Tuscany

by   Profile Florent M. Locatelli   When 15th January 2020
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Tuscany, in central Italy, is definitely one of my favorite regions.

Breathtaking landscapes, thousands of years of history, an artistic legacy as the birth place of the Italian Renaissance, beautiful cities such as Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano etc... and, not to mention, some great Chianti or Montepulciano wines !

What people know less is that Tuscany is also fantastic for diving, and not only in the coastal area.

I would like to introduce you to an unexpected spot: Scesta, near Bagni di Lucca, and more particularly the Lima River.

This translucent river, with limitless visibility, nestled between two steep cliffs, is also a river of stones.

It is a dive out of time and space into a magical, calm and relaxing universe that will transport you to another world and another atmosphere.

The colors vary from deep blue to absolute green and the sun's rays play on its surface.

The diver then ventures into the cold water coming from the mountains and moves between the rock formations, calmly and without fighting against any current.

The depth is shallow and does not exceed 10 meters. 

The full round trip is approximately one kilometer.

It is a unique experience that every diver must have. It requires a bit of walking and carrying, therefore good physical condition as well as some specific training is needed - ideally dry suit or even sidemount to make the most of all the sensations of this little corner of paradise. Rebreather diving brings an additional dimension here: silence !

A paradise for the eyes, a dive to enjoy with friends which must be followed by a picnic with local culinary specialties while remembering one of the most beautiful, unique river dives that one can do.

A great day out !


For a complete set of technical diving gear, our best and only choice is MaresXR.

For sidemount, we do recommend MaresXR Sidemount Systems.

For rebreathers, we used APDiving and rEvo units.

For training, we recommend Aquatiks.

For all technical training, I recommend Scuba Schools International (SSI) programs and particularly SSI XR programs.

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Written by
Profile Florent M. Locatelli
When 15th January 2020
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