A sneak peak of Mares’ new Flexa Graphene…

by   Profile Ivana and Janez   When 21st January 2020
Photo by Janez Kranjc
Photo by Ivana OK
Photo by Janez Kranjc

The beginning of 2020 brought us the premiere of Mares’ latest products, and their new semi-dry suit probably provided one of the most high-quality to hit the market in recent years. A model with a relatively traditional cut, but made from state-of-the-art material with a very likable, modern design.

But first things first…

As Mares ambassadors, Ivana and I have the pleasure and privilege of being among the first people to get to test some of their new products. During the last days of summer 2019, when the Flexa Graphene came to us, our first impression was enthusiasm for the design and neoprene quality. I tend to picture how the diving equipment will look in photos right away. From the start, I had great images of models in this new suit in my head. You just have to touch the suit to realize that it’s made of only the finest 7mm neoprene.

At the neck we immediately noticed a high-quality cuff which, thanks to S-Seal technology, creates an excellent seal and perfect comfort with no unnecessary tightness. The same goes for the arms and legs, although it’s crucial to mention that it’s easy to don without getting caught. It slides on and is very close fitting.

There is a horizontal dry zipper on the back that is just the right length to don and doff easily. It’s flexible and soft as well, so the comfort of the Graphene is maintained. There are zippers on the sleeves and legs that improve the seal even more.

Just below the right hip, there is a very useful pop-out pocket. It’s neatly integrated into the entire suit’s cut, so that it’s barely noticeable while diving. On the inside of the forearm is a grip area, traditionally used for fastening instruments. Other than preventing the instruments from sliding, it is well styled. The hood was also designed with great care. The inside is lined with glideskin which makes it close-fitting and able to drain accumulated water quickly.

The key characteristic of this suit is its excellent thermal protection, especially in the most critical areas, enabled by a soft, warm lining whose thermal effectiveness increases due to the addition of graphene in the material itself. Thanks to the ultrastretch neoprene, putting the suit on and taking it off is very simple whether the suit is wet or dry.

While diving with the Flexa Graphene semi-dry suit, two words were constantly on my mind: ‘warm’ and ‘soft’. Needless to say, I enjoyed every moment.

Written by Janez Kranjc

Photos by Ivana OK and Janez Kranjc


Flexa Graphene - Men's model

Flexa Graphene - She Dives model

Written by
Profile Ivana and Janez
When 21st January 2020
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