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by   Profile Mares   When 21st March 2019
_KNO0394_Photo_By_Noam_Kortler_Model_Ivana_Orlovic (Large)
The Ultra ADJ 82X. Photo by Noam Kortler
Photo by Ivana OK, model Janez Kranjc (24) (Large)
The Ultra ADJ 82X. Photo by Ivana OK
Photo by Janez Kranjc, model Ivana OK (1) (Large)
The Epic ADJ 82X. Photo by Janez Kranjc

Nowadays, also thanks to the many divers who are dedicating themselves to technical diving, there is an increased demand for high-performance regulators that can offer easy breathing with little effort during deep dives, in current, or in challenging dives, even in cold waters.

The number of divers who ask to be able to adapt the characteristics of their regulator to their own needs; that is; they ask to be able to “personalise” this very important diving tool, is ever-increasing.

Today, Mares offers all divers a brilliant response to these requests, with three new technologies: the Twin Power System, ADJ and PAD. Let’s take a closer look at them…

Twin Power System

Second stages equipped with Twin Power System technology present, in correspondence with the connection of the second stage hose, a handle, easily operated even when wearing thick neoprene gloves, which allows the diver, at any moment of the dive, to choose between ‘natural’ breathing, typical of the VAD system, or “assisted breathing”, which allows for more comfortable breathing with minimum effort, especially when facing intense work, strong currents, deep dives or, in any case, extreme conditions.


ADJ (adjustable) indicates a system to regulate initial breathing effort (cracking effort). In regulators equipped with the ADJ system, via a rotating handle the diver can change the spring load of the second stage, increasing or decreasing, according to one’s own preference, initial breathing effort. The ADJ system, positioned on the opposite side to the hose, can be easily operated, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves.

If you combine the ADJ system with Twin Power System technology, you can really personalise your regulator to the max, according to personal needs, your own experience and diving conditions.


The abbreviation PAD stands for ‘Pneumatically Assisted Design’. With this system the diver has a “assisted-supply” second stage. Within the second stage there is an area of “partial compensation” of intermediate pressure, in fact, coming from the first stage, which allows the use of a much softer spring as a consequence and greater breathing comfort as an advantage.

The combination of Twin Power, ADJ and PAD systems offers, therefore, maximum performance, the maximum possibility of personalisation and maximum comfort, in all diving conditions and at all depths.

If you're seeking a regulator with ADJ, PAD and Twin Power technology combined, check out our newest Epic ADJ 82X and Ultra ADJ 82X regulators!

By Gianni Garofalo

Written by
Profile Mares
When 21st March 2019
Location 16035 Rapallo GE, Italia

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