Algerian ecologists help with the implementation of a law for artificial reefs

by   Profile Emir   When 24th February 2018
Recifs artificiels ananab 2016

After three years of fierce activism, thanks to the mobilization of Algerian associations, and following the shooting of the film "The Houses of the Sea", first Algerian submarine documentary, the Algerian Civil Society has succeeded in imposing the enactment of a law regulating the dumping of artificial reefs in Algeria.

As a reminder, before 2015 no text had tackled the problem of artificial reefs or the regulation to submerge these devices which are so important to the creation of biomass and the protection of sensitive areas.

Dr. Emir Berkane, a Mares Ambassador who led this project, welcomed the favorable response of the government whose Prime Minister signed the executive text governing these structures on December 27th 2017.


Written by
Profile Emir
When 24th February 2018
Location Algiers, Algérie

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Merzkane on Feb 27th 2018
Have the best of luck in what you are doing.

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