Canyoning – An extreme sport which raises adrenaline levels

by   Profile Predrag   When 27th June 2017

Canyoning is one of those adventures in which you have a full sense of enjoyment while dealing with nature and all its temptations. When we talk about canyoning, we are talking about the mix of several different sports. Mountaineering, climbing, diving and swimming are sports that are an integral part of "canyoning" and such a mix combines this group of sports into a special sporting activity. For most of these activities wetsuits, harnesses, waterproofs bags, climbing equipment and ropes are commonly used. Like the sports are mixed together, so is the gear, and it has become a mandatory part of canyoning equipment. In most cases the common thing is "WATER" and according to the type and difficulty of the canyon the choice of equipment is made. The period of the year and the amount of precipitation determine the water level in the canyons and the water determines the time spent during walkthrough. Usually the water in these places is colder, so the 5mm thick wetsuit is a logical choice. MARES' DUAL 5mm wetsuit is a class that has proved to be ideal in practice. The thickness of the suit is perfect, the separation between the upper and lower parts works great which is especially important in cases when it is hot or in parts of the canyon in which team members don't go through the water.

Like in alpinism and speleology, but also in most extreme sports, the level of "extreme" depends on how "far" the team that passes a certain canyon is ready to go. One canyon can be extremely rough and also very easy to pass but all depends on the current water level and other characteristics such as access to the canyon, the route of evacuation, the height difference between entry and exit points, the vertical arrangement etc. For canyon passes that last for several hours, the essential part of equipment is waterproofs bags which enable food and clothing to remain dry. Also, waterproof bags are used to protect photo and video equipment as well as other accessories (lenses, batteries, filters, cables...) that are important for recording the adventures. We tested MARES' Cruise Dry MBP15 backpack that passed all the challenges that we put it through on several of our adventures.

It's not rare that during a canyon walkthrough we visit the most unlikely places that no one has ever visited before. The beauty of canyoning is also reflected in the fact that when you move through unknown places or during the return from an adventure, you will inevitably have the opportunity to meet people who live on the edge of civilization or at the beginning of complete wilderness, often with exceptionally poor approach roads where almost no one passes. Often it happens that when overcoming obstacles you encounter some snakes, frogs or even larger animals which should not be disturbed because people are still guests in their natural habitat.

Anyone with little fitness and a good mood can participate in extreme canyoning. Good physical health is desirable but not an imperative for commercial passes and shorter tours, while serious adventures should not be indulged without adequate equipment and someone well experienced in these or similar activities.

Article & Photo by Mares Ambassador: Predrag Vuckovic


Written by
Profile Predrag
When 27th June 2017
Location Pasna Ravan

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