The Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine and MaresLAB in Belgrade

by   Profile Predrag   When 13th February 2018

The idea of founding the Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine came in 1994 from the company HOLYWELL NEOPREN. The idea was born from a knowledge of the possibilities and significance of hyperbaric oxygenation, as well as the fact that hyperbaric medicine had not yet fully been recognized. The principal reason for opening the centre was the disproportion between actual medical demand and very limited capacity. There is a great demand for HBO treatment in this country. According to diagnoses and statistics, there are over 200,000 patients in Serbia every year whose diseases fall into groups indicated for HBO therapy. The capacity that was available before the CHM was opened was not sufficient for the treatment of even one per cent of potential patients.

The Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine is a highly specialized medical institution, unique in terms of its equipment, capabilities, its expert team and experience gained through over 700,000 treatments. The expert team consists of 70 doctors, engineers, nurses and technicians as well as over 30 permanent associates from all over the world.

In order to continue to develop a science in the field of hyperbaric and diving medicine, the expert team works closely with the University of Belgrade School of Medicine. A laboratory for fundamental research in Baromedicine was established, which created the ground for continuing education of young professionals and enabled development of post-graduate theses to the highest scientific standards.

Modern diving involves a high level of safety, which requires, among other things, the connection and cooperation of divers with specialized hyperbaric centers. The Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine works closely with international organizations such as the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), the European Underwater and Baromedical Society (EUBS) and Divers Alert Network (DAN) where the centre is also recognized by DAN RCAPP (the Recompression Chamber Assistance & Partnership Program).

Diving services can be used by divers from across the region and provide:

- Emergency recompression treatment for divers with decompression sickness 24/7

- The advanced treatment of injured divers including intensive care measures during treatment in the chamber as well as the possibility of deep recompression with the use of a helium and oxygen mixture

- Basic and periodic medical exams for professional divers

- Medical exams for candidates for recreational diving

- Telemedicine consultations with experts in the field of diving medicine

- Dry chamber dives to learn about the effects of high pressure exposure and training with expert supervision in controlled conditions

- Courses for DAN RCAPP Hyperbaric Chamber Operators and Hyperbaric Chamber Attendants

- Recreational and technical diving courses

- Scientific research, seminars and lectures in the field of medicine and technology in diving

In recent years, research has shown that poorly maintained diving equipment results in a number of diving accidents. In order to increase the safety of diving, they have formed a cooperation with the world’s largest diving equipment manufacturer, Mares S.p.A, and become service partners in the MaresLAB Program. As well as part of their laboratory being used to test pressure equipment and electronics, there is a specialized workshop for the testing and maintenance of respiratory diving equipment, pressure gauges, safety valves, scuba tank inspection, air filling stations and gas mixtures.

Article: Petko Zaric

Photography: Predrag Vuckovic

Mares Lab Belgrade

Written by
Profile Predrag
When 13th February 2018
Location Belgrade, Serbia

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Sinisa Adriatic Scuba on Feb 20th 2018
These professionals (Predrag Vuckovic and Petko Zaric), is very hard to follow them. It's always a big challenge! I am proud and happy that I have them for friends who help me every day to position Mares equipment in this region and beyond. Every day I learn from them something new. Thanks guys and also thanks Mares company (Dusan Runjajic and Stefan Michl) for great support...Just Add Water
Dusan Runjajic on Feb 17th 2018
Awesome blog Pedja! Petko, Mares is proud to have a partnership with your unique institution. Thank you and your team for all help and support to all divers in this region! Duško
Stefan Michl on Feb 14th 2018
Great and very interesting blog! Keep up the good work Pedrag...! Thx. Stefan
Ivan on Feb 13th 2018
It is a great privilege ... to know Petko and have him , as a friend !!! From the heart ... on my side! Bravo Pedja !!!

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