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by   Profile Peter   When 29th July 2016
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Mares – 'just add water' and your 'pure instinct' will come to life, so you can explore the 'extended range' ahead of you!

I guess you all know that the 'just
add water' guys belong to the scuba tribe, while the
ones with Pure Instinct are from the clan of freedivers and
spearos. Some say they are not always very friendly with each other, but I believe that's a rumor!

Me, I am a wanderer between the two
worlds and have friends in both camps. I recently found out that I
am actually not the only one. More and more divers switch back and
forth between scuba diving and freediving and I believe that's great!

A scuba diver can definitively benefit from the breathing exercises
taught in freedive training
- just to give you one
example. Freedivers on the other hand will find themselves in
situations where a container with compressed air can probably
enhance their diving experience. Imagine you have the
opportunity to observe coral spawning… the only chance you
have to become a wittness of this extraordinary
event as a freediver  is to hope for the speedy growth of some corals.
I hope you get my point here?!

But whether we prefer to dive in apnea
or with an air cylinder on our back, we are one family. We
are the ones with the urge to dive into the oceans and lakes
to explore what lies behind the blue curtain, everyone according to
their personal ability, limits and interests.

To make this a pleasant and safe
experience we need some equipment adapted to the
environment we plan on exploring. This is sometimes more and
sometimes less, depending on space (depth) and time: Pure
Instinct, just add water or the new XR line for extended range diving. I would conclude to 'Just Add Mares'...that is all we need and that is what makes us a family, we are connected by water!

I am Peter, the new kid on the blog! I
just wanted to use this opportunity to shortly introduce myself and
say 'hi' to the family. Expect some more articles soon – in the
meantime I send you greetings from the Blue Planet, take care of it, it's the only one we have.

Happy bubbles or Happy NO
bubbles :)

 Click here for a short film for all ocean lovers, scuba divers, freedivers and tec divers alike!

Written by
Profile Peter
When 29th July 2016
Location Berlin, Deutschland

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