Luggage for Paradise

by   Profile Peter   When 7th October 2016
Babyschwimmen 20.10.2014, Stuhr
with Christian Redl, Marc Hillesheim 2014

The funny thing about
paradise is, it is always somewhere far, but not where you are at the
moment and paradoxically home is only sweet, when you are far away
from it, often close to paradise!

(Time for thinking …..)

However, my bags are packed.

I am traveling with a lot
of diving and camera equipment, but believe it or not, there is still
room in my bags.

It is almost
impossible to fill up the Mares Cruise Backpack Pro entirely without extending the airlines 23kg limit for checked luggage.
Unfortunately, the regulations for checked and hand luggage are
getting tougher and tougher.

The good news is, in recent years materials have become lighter without compromising
strength and resistance. This is also true for B.C.D'sregulators and other equipment. My
beloved 20 year old Abyss MR 22 stays behind, but I am sure I will quickly become friends with the
much lighter Prestige 15X.

For the trip I prepare for, I actually don't have to worry about luggage regulations too much. Because I am flying on ATN, halfway around the globe.

The baggage allowance on
this airline is: 1 bag of 23kg and another bag of 23kg for diving
equipment. That is what I call diver friendly!

Unfortunately they do not
operate on many routes, but for me this is just right this time,
...they bring me home, home to paradise, far away from everywhere

After a stressless check
in I can relax and watch my own film “ Te Moana Nui - The Vast
Ocean” on the airline's entertainment program. That is how I earned
this flight by the way.

Now you get an idea where
I am heading to, no? My final destination rests in the heart of the
biggest body of water of our blue planet: it covers 165 million
square kilometers. That is 46% of  the Earth's water surface and one third
of it's total surface. Air Tahiti Nui brings me right into the
middle of the Pacific Ocean. French Polynesia, better known as Tahiti,
is my second home. I was not born there, but it is the place where I
did most of my dives - and that is what a diver calls his home,

Thousands of dives in nine
years, countless extraordinary encounters and stories to tell, … it
is truly a divers paradise AND home -ha!

Modern nomads like myself
always move on, but to some places we also return to once in a while.

French Polynesia is one of
those places. It is a French overseas territory and stretches over
2000 km, a surface as large as Europe, from Norway to Sicily and
Portugal to the Ukraine. Five Archipelagos containing 118 islands and
atolls. You can imagine that the underwater world here has something
to offer.

A place where you can swim
with whales, dive with dolphins and hundreds of sharks. And this in
crystal clear and warm water.

Are you getting curious
and perhaps want to hear a bit more about this place?

Just let me unpack my bags
after the arrival and then I will get into the water with you and
introduce you to some of my two-legged and multi-finned friends.

To prepare for it and get
in the mood, I am happy to share the film “Te Moana Nui” with
you, ... the film I traded in for a flight ticket

Water - just add Mares!

See you soon and ocean


Written by
Profile Peter
When 7th October 2016
Location Unnamed Road, Puna'auia, Französisch-Polynesien

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Bimba on Oct 11th 2016
Nice blog & great the turtles...and the music is just perfect. Thank you.

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