Freediving Philosophy

by   Profile Gianluca   When 8th September 2016
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Most people who have never experienced the emotion of freediving see this discipline as a test of bravery or a demonstration of strength. In reality it is not like this, and once people learn the basic breathing techniques, holding their breath gives a feeling of relaxation, well-being and self-control.

The aim of those who are approaching freediving should not be that of athletic or sporting performance, at least in the beginning, but of refining technique, descending in to the water without thinking about depth and enjoying what the sea has to offer: fish, coral and the construction of the ocean floor.

The most striking aspect which makes you fall in love with freediving is the sensation of absolute freedom: your body loses its earthly weight, silence envelopes you, your heart slows down, the suns rays filter through the water which becomes an ever more intense blue...

Seeking these sensations and inner peace are the main things which drive me forward still today, after almost 30 years of freediving, to dive regularly whenever I get the chance.

Written by
Profile Gianluca
When 8th September 2016
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