Freediving vs. Scuba diving

by   Profile Gianluca   When 20th September 2016

Freediving and scuba diving, although having the same aim of exploring the depths, mean a completely different physical and mental approach. Here are a few of the differences:

Freediving is a sporting discipline in every sense of the word, where to reach high levels of performance, as well as having good technique, you need to be in good physical shape. Scuba diving, however, is a purely recreational activity, where once you have learnt the technique, no particular physical training is required.

·   With Freediving, during descent, you look at what is happening around you, but being a very introspective discipline, you also listen to your senses and emotions. When scuba diving you explore the depths, looking at what is around you in complete comfort, with a lot more time

·   With scuba diving, you can spend much more time underwater exploring the underwater world safely, though once you return to the surface you must stay there for a sufficient amount of time in order to eliminate the nitrogen accumulated in your system. With freediving, times are obviously reduced compared to diving with a regulator, but a freediver can stay in the water for longer and carry out many dives. Also, once in the water, if the area does not offer anything to see, you can move immediately to another dive location.

·   A characteristic of freediving is freedom in the water, with comfortable, light equipment which allows you to move with agility without using up too much energy, both in and out of the water. A scuba diver is without doubt less agile in the water, with heavier, bulkier gear, and is a lot more dependent on their equipment.

·   Scuba divers can dive in more demanding water conditions and temperatures with a dry suit; with waves, once you go down, the problems caused by the waves no longer exist; with current, with a large quantity of air, the effort used to combat the currents is less. A freediver must dive only when there are good marine conditions. Cold waters, rough seas and strong currents greatly reduce the capacities and safety of a freediver.

Freediving and scuba diving are two ways of going underwater which are perfect for exploring within 20m. With good weather conditions, freediving is a lot more comfortable and functional, whereas to explore a wreck at 30m or more, the use of tanks becomes an indispensable commodity with added security.

Written by
Profile Gianluca
When 20th September 2016
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