by   Profile Marcel   When 24th June 2016

It is quite a time ago, but I still remember very
well when SHARKWATER was launched in cinemas throughout Europe. That time, I
had to drive 200 kilometers from where I lived, to watch it. And it was totally
worth it. It was the first movie on big screen that showed the shocking dimensions
of illegal shark business. To be honest, it is quite easy to catch me with
anything about sharks. But Rob Stewart accomplished to reach far more people
than shark enthusiasts like me. The movie SHARKWATER had a real impact on
everyone who saw it and could win various awards all around the globe by
changing peoples’ attitudes towards sharks. During the filming Rob Stewart and
his crew put themselves into danger more than once. They almost got arrested,
had trouble with governments and illegal fishers resulting in pirate boat
rammings, gunboat chases, mafia espionage, corrupt court systems and attempted
murder charges, forcing them to flee for their lives.

When I checked Facebook yesterday morning and
saw he started a fundraising for the next episode “SHARKWATER EXTINCTION”, I
sent him a message to ask him where this passion and dedication for sharks
comes from.

This was Rob Stewart’s answer: “I love sharks because they're perfect, because they've endured -
lasting longer than any other large animal. They are so misunderstood, and they
control the most important ecosystem for our own survival.”

Knowing I’m from Mares he added a
little detail that I just have to state, even it’s not about the shark topic: “Have
always used Mares fins... there aren't a better set of scuba fins than the
quattro powers! :)”

check out the new trailer and take your chance to support the project!

Written by
Profile Marcel
When 24th June 2016
Location Bahamas Islands

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