Great White Shark Tagging

by   Profile Marcel   When 5th July 2016

Finning, bycatch in commercial
fishing, over fishing, sport fishing, contamination, pollution and targeted
killing let the shark populations rapidly sink
worldwide. Added to that, the hysterical media coverage of shark sightings and
shark accidents create a totally wrong image. Many people are not aware of the
fact that this threatens our own livelihood. Sharks are responsible for the
natural balance of the oceans. This balance needs to be preserved, so that the
ocean can fulfill its function as a climate regulator, oxygen and food
producer. In addition, sharks are one of the most beautiful and impressive
creatures, which is also an undisputable fact to me. Fortunately there are
great organizations like Sharkproject who have made the protection of sharks their mission. Sharkproject dedicated their new project especially to the Great
White Shark. In cooperation with the Mexican scientist Mauricio Hoyo they will tag
White Sharks with a new transmitter close to the Island of Guadalupe in 2017.


The new technology does not only
receive data from the tagged shark itself, but also from other tagged animals
around. That will provide important information about contacts to other sharks
and hunting behavior. Worldwide an estimated 5,000 sharks, manta rays, sea lions,
elephant seals, tunas etc are equipped with satellite tags. This new knowledge
will help to find places where sharks mate and breed, so these can be declared
as protected areas.


Mares is sponsor of this great
project. Follow this link to discover how you can be part of it. I will join
this expedition and will keep you up to date about my road to Guadaloupe!

Yours, Marcel

Written by
Profile Marcel
When 5th July 2016
Location Guadalupe Island, México

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Gerald on Dec 25th 2017
Live to see the great White Sharks. Hope I have the Change to Go there too. Lovely Pics.
Gerald on Dec 25th 2017
Great place. I love to go back and see that hammerheads. I misted them. Well done Marcel.

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