The 10 most-read Mares blogs of 2020

by   Profile Mares   When 28th December 2020
2020 blogs

It's almost the end of 2020, and Mares would like to re-propose some of the most-read articles of the year from our blog...

10. Semra takes us with her on her journey to becoming a dive pro - I became a Scuba Diving Instructor!

9. Discover more about the 28XR-HR Full SM Tek Set - Mares 28XR-HR Full SM Tek Set

8. Discover more about the XRM-Stream and XRM-Classic masks from our XR line - Mares’ XRM-Stream and XRM-Classic masks

7. Zoggs became part of the HEAD group in 2020 - HEAD acquires Zoggs

6. In March, Mares began converting the Sea Vu Dry + snorkeling mask into a mask for use with CPAP ventilators. In this article, a big 'thank you' to everyone involved - A big thanks from Mares

5. A message from Sergio Angelini, Chief Technology Officer at Mares, regarding the conversion of the Sea Vu Dry + - Un viaggio straordinario

4. Discover more about the Psycho Calavera set from our XR line - Mares XR Psycho Calavera Single Backmount Set

3. Ivana and Janez dive the Elpida in Cyprus - Elpida – More than a shipwreck

2. Discover more about our Pure Wire mask - Mares Pure Wire Mask

1. A collection of articles following the development of the Sea Vu Care mask and its use - Sea Vu Dry + masks converted for CPAP ventilator use during Covid-19

We also have a wealth of other great dive-related blogs you can check out from the past year, a big thanks to our contributing bloggers:

Imran Ahmad - Franco Banfi and Sabrina Belloni - Janez Kranjc and Ivana Orlovic - Nik Linder - - Florent M. Locatelli - Thomas Van Puymbroeck - Submaris - Dan Westerkamp - Robert Wilpernig - Semra Yurtkuran - Damir Zurub

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When 28th December 2020
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